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Zira was the fourth planet from Deox, in the Pika system. It was an icy world, and its atmosphere was deadly to most known species. However, the atmosphere was perfect for Kel Dor, and a small Kel Dor colony had sprung up on the planet's night side.

Geography Edit

Zira was a planet covered in vast tundra, huge frozen cliffs, and frozen lakes of tar. On its day side, the tar occasionally thawed, allowing oozing tar pits to form, trapping numerous indigenous creatures.

Flora and fauna Edit

Although a dank, dark world, some native life has appeared on Zira, including a one-eyed fish–like creature named a zylath, and a vicious nexu–like predator called the vinguuri.

History Edit

Zira was first mapped in 89 BBY, as part of the first formal Republic expedition to the Pika system. It was first explored in 59 BBY, by a collection of local Pikachu adventurers and Republic explorers.

In 16 BBY, the Empire subjugated the planet to obtain its minerals for the Imperial war machine. By 2 ABY, however, the easy deposits of minerals had already been run dry, and the small force the Empire left behind on the planet was easily overrun by the Kel Dor.

In 4 ABY, after their failure to detonate Deox, the Ssi-Ruuk invaded Zira, easily defeating the small Kel Dor militia. Due to its remote location, the invaders were not dislodged until the following year, when exiled Kel Dor leader Do Vaffa returned, along with the Republic fleet.

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