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Zan Vohore
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57 BBY


138 ABY

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Do you think Mom will be ok?”
“For Garganat’s sake, I hope so.

—Zan to Tesh about Hetur-an

Zan Vohore was a male Arkanian, and son of Tesh Vohore and Hetur-an Vohore and born in 57 BBY. He was also the younger brother of Alura Vohore. He was 13 when his parents moved to Shadda-Bi-Boran where he learned to be a pilot, and was often co-piloting the Alura with his father when Tesh had to go on special missions for Garganat the Hutt. Towards the end of The Pirate Wars, Zan was left on the planet when Chin Chaldak kidnapped Tesh's wife and daughter.

Tesh was unaware of this as he couldn't find him and assumed that Chin had taken Zan with him. Tesh later found out, after the Battle of Najiba that Chin had left Zan. While Tesh searched for Zan, Zan had escaped when the low profile Jedi Knight Codie Fiiluc took Zan under his wing and rescued him from Chin's grasp. Codie and Zan grew up going through a lot of experiences together. They were always getting into trouble.

Around 32 BBY Zan sold Codie as a slave to a spice miner on Kessel as the miner needed an extra hand and Zan needed a ship out, after totaling their last one. Zan then sneaked into the miner’s home and kidnapped Codie. Later on, in 18 BBY, during the Ghorman Massacre, Zan ended up getting Codie and himself caught by the Galactic Empire and nearly got Codie executed for being a Jedi, but Tesh was able to intercept them on Yag'Dhul.

Zan and Codie eventually grew apart as Codie started to train Zan's younger brother, Jate Vohore, and Zan had joined the special tactics squad responsible for taking out the shield generator that covered X-Nais. The final separation was after Tesh died and he felt like he was being distanced from Codie as he and Alura were married. Zan took the Alura, which he renamed the Kril'durin, meaning "No One’s business", and traveled the galaxy looking for adventure.

Adventure found him when he met up with a woman, named Karina Vor'ax, aboard a slave trade ship. The two of them escaped the slave trader, only to be tracked down to Bakura, where Zan met up with Oro and Tyrus who had kept the system going. Together, they fought off the slave trader as he had also kidnapped Tyrus’ daughter, Sara. Zan and Karina fell in love and were married in 74 ABY. They moved to Bakura and settled down, having one child of their own. Zan died in 138 ABY, at 195 years old.


Early LifeEdit

Zan was born to Tesh Vohore and Hetur-an Vohore in 57 BBY on Arkania. He was born into the family during their stay on Arkania, when Tesh was busy setting up gambling centers in his mansion to gain income. They were the wealthiest family on Arkania at the time, but with Hetur-an’s influence in politics, due to her family name, and Tesh’s dealings with the Arkanian military, though what brief deal it was, Zan was able to be brought up well nurtured. As a little kid, he was also climbing and getting into things that at his age he should not have even had an interest for. When his parents saw this, they knew he would take after Tesh.

During the Pirate WarsEdit

When Zan turned thirteen, his parents moved from Arkania to Shadda-Bi_Boran, where both worked at the evacuation center. Zan signed up to be the apprentice of the chief engineer, Chin Chaldak. During his training, Chin taught Zan the ins and outs of mechanics, paving the way to Zan’s passion for fixing up the Alura. But that dream would not be achieved in the near future as Tesh only let Zan take the ship on test runs. Finally, when Zan graduated from Chin, he took on more responsibility in the left wing of the center.

In 44 BBY, he met a fresh Jedi Knight named Codie Fiiluc. The two became quickly acquainted and soon best friends. Zan spent most of the time he was not with Tesh with Codie. He later found out that Codie had been stationed on Shadda-Bi-Boran to help oversee the careful evacuation, but was not to reveal that he was a Jedi. But as him and Zan became close friends, Zan swore not to tell. When Zan was banned from the planet, because he was with his father when he was banned, Codie took care of Zan’s responsibilities down in the station. The whole time they knew each other on Shadda-Bi-Boran, Zan never introduced Codie to his parents, fearing that it might leak of his existence. When Zan returned, he spent most of his time with Codie, fixing up loose ends in the evacuation center, while his dad fought with Chin.

When Ethe slipped into the evacuation center, in 43 BBY, Zan was off messing with the power cells because some debris had knocked out power to the left wing. Zan was on his way back to visit his mom, when Codie jumped him. They watched as Ethe escorted Alura and Hetur-an out of the center and onto his ship. Codie immediately told Zan to follow, but Zan knew he had to tell his father about what happened. Codie saw it too dangerous for him to stick around and hid Zan in his ship, a small YT-1300 light freighter named the Twin-blades. Zan and Codie escaped Shadda-Bi-Boran after Tesh called for everyone to leave. Their first stop was to Naboo where they regrouped and started searching for Tesh.

They heard a rumor that Tesh was traveling to Coruscant, so they decided to start there. But when they returned, Codie was caught up with reporting to the Jedi Council what had happened on Shadda-Bi-Boran and could not help Zan search. Zan figured Tesh would not head near the Senate building, knowing how he felt about the bureaucrats, but instead headed to the lower city. He figured Tesh would be there looking for a new crew and possibly for any information on the mercenary that kidnapped his mother and sister. But when Zan arrived in the lower city, no one could give him the slightest hint to where Tesh was or if he was even on the planet. Zan returned to Codie and asked if he could stay with him until he could find his father. Codie agreed and took him on his next mission to Abo Dreth.

With CodieEdit


In 40 BBY, Zan traveled with Codie back to Coruscant, where Codie was assigned to investigate the disappearance of a Jedi Knight in the Works. Zan was disturbed that a Jedi could just disappear and was almost hesitant to go. But when Codie insisted that he would need Zan’s connection, Zan agreed to go along. Codie disguised himself as a smuggler and Zan his co-pilot, and together they traveled down to the works in the Twin-blades.

Once they arrived in the Works only to be greeted by a multitude of thugs. Zan quickly introduced himself as Zan Vohore, the immediate son of Tesh Vohore. Thankfully, Zan’s father had made a big enough name of him that they knew who he was talking about. This allowed the two to slip into the criminal ring. Zan suddenly became the tour guide for Codie.

They followed a small lead that led them to an underground smuggling bay, where the smugglers imported slaves into the city. Codie about flipped when he saw that, but Zan kept his cool, calming Codie in the mean time. They were able to locate the missing Jedi. Zan finally let Codie loose to reveal who he really was. The smugglers did not take to the intruders lightly. They attacked the three with a multitude of men. Codie handed the Jedi his second blade and together, they fought their way back to the Twin-blades. Codie, Zan and the Jedi returned to the temple. Codie was commemorated for his actions on the mission, but Zan was excused. When the ceremony to commemorate Codie was conducted, Zan was busy at the diner listening into the conversations of the spacers that entered the restaurant, to see if he could get word of his father. But he did not. He would return often, when Codie was either training or out on dangerous missions. But he never did hear word. Eventually, he gave up.


In 32 BBY, Codie was assigned to investigate a disturbance that had arisen at one of the mines. Zan dropped Codie off on the planet and flew back to orbit the planet. However, while doing so, the Twin-blades was struck by lightning and Zan had to make an emergency landing. He reconnected with Codie just before he arrived at the mine to delegate and informed him of what happened.

Codie was a little furious that Zan had crashed his ship, but Zan was thankful that he was forgiving, knowing it was not his fault. Zan then presented Codie with a plan to get out of the planet. He knew that the miners always had extra vessels on hand and that they could buy one at the mine. However, all their possessions, minus their weapons, were lost when the Twin-blades crashed. Zan stated that Codie could pose as a slave worker that Zan could sell to one of the workers. He also stated that it would give them enough money to buy a new one. Zan reassured Codie that everything was alright, but Codie was not as convinced.

Zan sold Codie to one of the spice miners and received enough to buy a new vessel, another YT-1300 named, Salvation. Zan used the YT to sneak into the miner’s station and kidnap Codie. They returned to the planet with the same YT, only Zan had re-christened it, Redemption. Codie was able to diffuse the conflict under and alias and fake disguise that Zan personally made. Codie, however, commented on how it made him look foolish.


In 18 BBY, Codie had become a rogue Jedi in order to flee the Empire. Zan had remained with him. Zan had heard of a gathering at Ghorman to protest the heavy taxation by the Empire. Zan insisted that they go and take part, but Codie was hesitant seeing as he was still hiding from the Empire. Zan protested that it was only a demonstration and that it would be impossible to be recognized. So the Zan and Codie traveled to Ghorman to take part in the protest.

But, when Grand Moff Tarkin landed his Star Destroyer, Zan and Codie were on the platform when it happened and witnessed the death of numerous people. Zan, however, was separated from Codie at one time and had to weave his way around the outside of the platform in order to reconnect. When they finally did, they were caught by an Imperial Stormtrooper. Zan used his quick skill he had adapted from Codie and stole the E-11 right out of the Stormtrooper’s hand. That bought them enough time to get a running start.

Eventually, they were pinned down and taken aboard another Star Destroyer that was not far from Tarkin’s. They were deported to Coruscant where they would face criminal charges, however, one of the commanders noticed that Codie was a Jedi and ordered the two to be sent straight to Palpatine. They boarded the ISD and were shipped off to Yag'Dhul, where the Star Destroyer would make port before traveling to Coruscant.

There at Yag’Dhul, a small strike team infiltrated the landing station and kidnapped Zan and Codie. When Zan got a good look at the crew he noticed it was his father, Tesh. He also noticed Chin was there, and Ethe. Zan began to question his father’s motives or if he knew that Ethe was the mercenary who kidnapped his mother. Zan talked to his father later and Tesh explained that he needed Chin and Ethe’s help in order to find Hetur-an. Tesh took Zan and Codie back to the Liberators where Codie realized he did not have his lightsabers. Tesh took Zan and Codie straight to Coruscant to locate the commander and retrieve his lightsabers. When they returned they jumped into hyperspace and came out near Bakura.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Zan was built like his father, but had the heart of his mother. He was only a meter and a half tall, giving him a shorter appearance, but held his ground. He was fierce when it came to fights, and rarely lost to a fair fight. He had a strong will, which had developed around the Pirate Wars due to the sudden disappearance of his family. He was a skilled pilot, one of the best in the Liberators, second only to Oro Deryhn. He loved to play holo chess and Sabacc, though he was not very good at either. He was a skilled engineer and technician, always discovering the inner workings of a machine.

Zan’s personality was much like his father, only he was less stubborn. Zan preferred the heart to heart talks, when he had time for them, but he was on the run most of the time. He and Codie connected extraordinarily well. Zan’s rough upbringing clashed with Codie’s peaceful one in the temple, but still they connected magnificently. Codie said it was a special connection through the Force, where Zan just said it was good male bonding. Zan was the same way when he met Karina, though he was a little shy at first. She seemed to have a connection with Zan, only she could relate to his life in ways Codie could not even come close. That is why Zan decided to marry her after only knowing her for a couple months. He knew it was right.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Originally, Zan was going to be called Tyrus Kalbec and inherit the Liberators, but leave it for the Hjimi. He would then join the Rebellion as a commando, enlisting himself and his daughter. He would be the commander of a squad during some of the key battles, battling against the Imperial commander Thim Kriclec, but that idea was abandoned due to lack of interest and inconsistencies with canon.
  • Zan was also going to be force-sensitive, but the idea was never weaved into the story line as it would cause too much confusion because Tesh was not.
  • Zan originally was not going to have too detailed a back story, but when the author decided to expand his fanon universe, he decided to continue Zan’s story.


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