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Yuri Sun was a Jedi Knight who studied at the Sarapin Jedi Temple under the legendary Master Kit Ryan. She was the top student in her class and was a master Force-user. After her master's death and the destruction of her temple during the Battle of Sarapin, she exiled herself on Dagobah until she learned that Coruscant had come under attack.

Later, it was discovered that Yuri was Deji Skywalker's long-lost sister. During the third year of the Terrifa War, she married Commander Redin Estas.


Early academy yearsEdit

The only record of Yuri's life was during her life at the Sarapin Temple. She was discovered by the Jedi when she was two years old. Yuri was sent to the Jedi via an escape pod supposedly sent by her parents. Seeing that she had great potential, Kit Ryan took her under his wing. The grand master pushed Yuri to her limits and acted as her surrogate father. She was a fast learner and was best in her class.

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