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Yoidans were a race of grey-skinned cyborgs that hailed from the planet Technos

Physical descriptionEdit

Yoidans had grey skin, reptilian faces with cybernetic right eyes and bulging green left eyes, their arms were natural with sticky three-fingered hands and their legs were wholly-mechanical and feet had been replaced by claws. Their tails are both; the base was infused with metal but the end was skin because the Yoidans hearts were located at the tips in the forms of glowing red spheres. Their spines had also been replaced by titanium ones.


Yoidan society was based on technology. Once Yoidans become of age most of their natural features were replaced by cold steel and titanium. It was unknown why this even started but it had apparently been going on for many years. Almost all of the Yoidans became scientists or doctors when they grow up to help further their odd choice of lifestyle. They lived in large cities spread all across the continent, with the capital being placed on the equatorial line of Technos.

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