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The Y-2K military speeder bike was a scouting model manfuactured by the Froz-Duro Repulsor Conglomerate. It required one pilot and could carry a single passenger, as well as two kilograms of cargo. The bike could attain an altitude of fifteen meters and a maximum speed of 250 kph. It was 3.5 metres long and cost 4,450 credits if unused. It was equipped with a single anti-personnel blaster. It first saw use in 887 BBY, employed for scouting and recon by the Judicial Department and local militias.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Y-2K was envisioned by the GM as a distant ancestor of the 74-Z military speeder bike sen in Return of the Jedi. The name "Y-2K" was meant to fit the same pattern as "74-Z." It was also a pun of the common way of expressing the year 2000 (when the GM and several PCs graduated), especially in the context of the "Y2k bug."


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