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Ximi Watts was an Imperial gunner and engineer.


Early lifeEdit

Ximi was born on Ukio and became friends Ash Trasidar, Jacob Nion, Rolph Dannedar and Koros Tann. Ximi was known for his fun-loving attitude and constantly joked around with his friends. When an Imperial enlistment center was set up on Ukio Ximi and his friends decided to join. However when Koros was denied the right to enlist because he was an Ukian, Ximi protested. In response the enlistment officer put a blaster against Ximi's head and threatened him. Ximi still joined the Empire, however.

Imperial daysEdit

The Imperial officers noticed his engineering abilities and made him an Imperial Gunner/Engineer. He and his friends were sent to Kashyyyk, and while Ash, Jacob and Rolph stayed on the planet to guard against Wookiee insurgents, Ximi was sent to work on a Skyhook that was meant to send Wookiee slaves across the Galaxy. However, because there was a shortage of ground troops, Ximi was sent to the surface of the planet in order to repair vehicles and give out bacta to injured soldiers.


While on patrol with his friends and several other stormtroopers, an AT-ST broke down and needed to be repaired. As he was repairing it however, a small explosion sent him flying. Although he was not seriously hurt, as he stood up his fusioncutter brushed a Syren plant, which reacted by engulfing Ximi. Startled by this his fellow Stormtroopers attempted to shoot the plant, but only succeeded in killing Ximi. His death was one of the factors that caused Ash to flee into the jungle.

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