Xeno Squad was an all-alien commando unit formed by Dort Tetsu shortly after the Battle of Hoth. After the Emperor's death, Xeno Squad went rogue for a while, pursuing a private war against Navik the Red, the evil Rodian dictator.

During the Krytos scare, Xeno Squad once again went rogue: While they were supposed to be on sick leave (many of their members were suffering from the Krytos virus), they instead -- after taking enough bacta to prevent them from infecting any innocents -- went to Nar Shaddaa to hijack a major bacta shipment from a free trader who was trying to price-gouge the New Republic. Once they had the bacta in hand, they gave it to the New Republic for free.

The End of Xeno Squad Edit

Xeno Squad's second leader, Wor Martere, dropped dead from Krytos after the op was over. He had managed to mask his recurring symptoms so as not to worry his team, but the additional exertion required to do this made things worse when the disease finally broke through his defenses.

After Lieutenant Martere's death, Xeno Squad was disbanded and its three remaining members were transferred to other units.

Xeno Squad personnelEdit

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