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Xanum is the ultimate lightsaber form
Blade Skywalker

The opening stance of Xanum

Xanum was a powerful lightsaber form, created by Blade Skywalker, that combines the technique of five different lightsaber forms (one should be considered a power, not a form). Xanum is known as The Way of the Force. Xanum combines the overhead swings of Djem So, the acrobatics of Ataru, the channeling of one's inner darkness to power of Vaapad, the twin saber technique of Jar'Kai, and lastly the fusion of the Force and the saber.


Xanum was created by Blade Skywalker, a legendary Jedi Master, who spent many years researching the advantages and disadvantages of the different lightsaber forms out there. After his defeat by Sidious, he realized that by using an advanced version of Force Valor, he could make a single-handed strike as powerful as a two-handed strike, thus, the invention of Exo Kai. He, also, realized that the powerful channeling power of Vaapad could increase his strength and speed furthurmore. Blade thought that he had, at last, negated the disadvantages of Jar'Kai.

After these discoveries, Blade asked himself what would be the best technique to add to his new lightsaber form. He studied all seven of the official lightsaber forms, and came to a conclusion that every form had their own strengths. What Blade truly wanted from Xanum was to create an offensive form without sacraficing defense. He, then, decided to add the overhead swing of Djem So, and the acrobatics of Ataru into his new form. It was 335 ABY, when Blade completed the form.

When Blade, at last, completed the style, he taught his brother, Nock Skywalker, the form. However, Nock Skywalker changed it a bit to fit his double-bladed saber preference. Shortly after, Blade also taught his wife, Annie Corr Skywalker, Xanum. She did not modify it, unlike Nock.

Xanum was later used to defeat Darth Sidious, one of the most powerful Sith Lords to have ever lived.


Xanum is known as one of the hardest styles to master. Only Blade and Annie Corr Skywalker mastered the original version of Xanum. Nock mastered the double-bladed saber variant. However, many of Blade and Nock's students know the form, but have not mastered it. Users of Xanum usually are offensive and continue to attack, and only defend when needed.

Opening StanceEdit

A user of Xanum, normally, stands in a side-ways position with the dominant foot and hand in the rear. The dominant hand holds its saber in a slightly diagonal, one-handed Ataru stance. The other hand holds the saber in a horizontal position in front of the user.

The dominant hand's position allows powerful over-head swings, while the other hand's position allows the user to defend and, if necessary, make a swift attack.


Xanum has two different styles of offense. Advanced users of Xanum can constantly switch between the two in order to confuse the opponent. They are known as Iron Style and Butterfly Style. A Xanum user can also combine the two. Such a style is known as Iron Butterfly.

Iron Style is like a one handed Djem So style. This style focuses on brute strength to batter through one's defense. Such attacks requires the user to use their entire body to attack including, legs, shoulders, and hips. Since Exo Kai allows the user to make a single-handed strike as powerful as a two-handed strike (one who is not using Exo-Kai), two hands are not needed. Thus, the user can use a constant onslaught of powerful strikes with TWO sabers.

Butterfly Style is like Ataru. With this style, a user of Xanum, uses quick acrobatics to confuse the opponents. A Butterfly Stylist is much quicker than an Iron Stylist. Butterfly Stylists are also known to throw their lightsabers around and control them with telekinesis.


Users of Xanum only defend when needed. Xanum users never use two sabers to block at the same time, because it robs the user a chance to strike back. Most usually pushed the blades of an opponent back, so they can execute a counterstrike. A lot of times, a user pushes the opponent's blade so hard that it injures the opponent, himself.

Saber LocksEdit

In defense, only one saber is allowed to block or parry, but in saber locks, both sabers are used at once. There are two techniques that could be used when a Xanum user wins the lock. He could either control his saber telekinetically to attack the opponent from behind or use a "scissor" attack to behead the opponent(similar to what Anakin Skywalker does to behead Count Dooku in Revenge of the Sith).

Special AttacksEdit

There are many special maneuvers in this lightsaber form. Two, for example, are explained above. Some are:

  • Saber Barrier- the user's sabers spin around the user forming a barrier.
  • Double Saber Throw- the user throws both sabers at once at the opponent.
  • Spinning Saber Throw- the users spins around and throws the dominant hand's lightsaber and then returns the saber to catch. Right after the catch, the user continues to spin and repeats the process with the other saber.

The greatest special attack in the style is Assassin's Strike, a powerful attack in which the user uses a powerful version of Force Speed to attack at such a quick speed that most people can not even see it. A true Xanum user could use many Assassin's Strikes, one after the other. Masters of Xanum randomly use Assassin's Strike during a duel. Blade was known to have used only Assassin's Strikes to duel a Sith and won.


Xanum is considered an effective style. However, it is only effective when one is strong in the Force.

Known UsersEdit

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