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Xam Samiumi was a Human female model from Coruscant.

In 5 ABY she was featured in the fourth piece of a recruitment poster series by Imperial propaganda artist Flyff Antilles named Imperial Recruitment 2Support Our Troops. JOIN ISO!. The artwork was to promote Imperial citizens to enlist for Imperial Service Organization, that's why Xam is shown wearing typical Imperial Service Organization attire with its emblem on her shirt's chest.

Xam had several tattoos covering her body, the most remarkable ones showing a Zillo Beast on her upper arms with the word Zillo in Aurebesh on her right arm and in an Futhork on her left. The reason for this maybe was her rumored Nabooian origin. Other tattoos featured different flowers on both her arms, among them an unnamed flower from Cophrigin V, Giant blossoms from Ultaar and an Endorian Damsel flower. Rumor had it that her whole back was inked with Zillo and flower motives as well. On her left hand's knuckles were tiny symbols of the four Sabacc suits Coin, Flask, Stave and Sabre showing her affection towards the gambling scene.

Behind the scenesEdit

Xam Samiumi is based on fetish model Masuimi Max. The featured tattoos play with her actual ones showing dragons, flowers and French playing card suit symbols.

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