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Wolatarians were a race of caterpillar-like sentients who inhabited a loose globular cluster above the Sacul Galaxy.

Wolatarian Information Edit

Wolatarian (Species)

Wolatarian (Civilization)

Astrographical Regions Edit

There were more than forty systems inhabited by the Wolatarians at one point or another.

Acare Field (Wol Cluster) Edit

The Acare Field was the globular cluster in which the Wolatarians resided. The name 'Wol Cluster' was a designation given to the area by the Galactic Republic.

O'ran System Edit




Vindo System Edit


Woltar System Edit

Woltar I

Woltar II

Antar Neubula Edit

The Antar Nebula was a region south of the Acare Field. A remnant of several novas, it was a deep purple-blue cloud stretching about two parsecs across. It was not however, related to the planet of Antar.

Antar Shipyards

Antar Military Complex

Sigma-13 Nebula Edit

A light blue nebulous region that melded into the Acare Field. It was inhabited by the human gas mining guild known as Skadi.

Vessels Edit

During the last eight hundred years, thousand of models of space faring vessels were developed by the Wolatarians.

Majesty-class Battlecruiser

Brocan-Class Destroyer

Vandar-class Torpedo Bomber

Liberty-class Transport

O'ran-class Frigate

Weapons Edit

IV-34 ballistic torpedo

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