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This article is about the pilot. You may be looking for Wes Fett, Wes Odo, or Wes.

Wes Janson was a Human male pilot. He initially served with the Tierfon Yellow Aces, though he eventually became a member of Rogue Squadron and participated in the Phyrexian War.


Early careerEdit

Wes started out as a pilot/gunner for the Tierfon Yellow Aces. He participated in the rescue of the survivors of the Zurek mission, and the ensuing battle against the forces that destroyed Zarta.

Rogue SquadronEdit

Wes was one of the founding members of Rogue Squadron, and remained with the unit through 19 ABY. He served with distinction in many of the battles during Intruder Wing's first campaign.

Phyrexian WarEdit

By the time of the Phyrexian War, Wes was a General, and had been given command of all military forces on Taanab. He and his forces fought valiantly at Taanab, but eventually the planet was captured. Wes and the Wraiths started an insurgency movement against the Phyrexian occupation force, to keep the enemy distracted long enough for the Galactic Alliance to send aid. However, when that aid came, Wes stayed behind to keep the enemy's attention on him and cover the Wraiths' escape. Once the Wraiths were safely out, Wes set off a chain of explosions that destroyed nearly the entire Phyrexian force on Taanab, but also killed him.

Behind the scenesEdit

I have often had to explain and/or defend my choice to kill Wes off. The simple truth of the matter is, age killed him long before I decided to make his death a physical one. The eternally youthful comic relief character had finally started to get serious... in Wes Janson's case, not a good thing.

Wes is a canon character, so look here if you want canonical information.


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