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Wallis Yorkin, also known as "Wally" , was the nephew of Seth Yorkin, and head legal counsel for Yorkin Mining Industries. He was one of the few members of the company who remained loyal to Seth after his uncle's return from Zurek, and helped Seth stage a hostile takeover to put the company back on track. Later, he participated in the Battle of Zuni, helping to liberate his homeworld.

During the Phyrexian War, he was captured by the enemy and heavily modified, becoming more machine than man. However, a team of Galactic Alliance Intelligence researchers managed to devise a cure for phyresis, making him human again. During the Sith Crusade, he served as his uncle's chief of staff and got to sit in on Senate meetings from time to time. He eventually came to have an intense dislike for Cal Omas, and pushed for Zuni to secede from the Galactic Alliance when Presidential Order 0139/D was given.

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