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Visfreg Krutgah was a Grand Jedi Master.

Biography Edit

When Visfreg was born, he was kidnapped by a Sith. He was taken deep into the jungles of an unknown planet, and was kept there for 1.5 years. However, a Jedi Knight, who was to become a Master in two days, was facing his final trial. To survive in the harshest forest in the Galaxy. This Jedi found the Sith wandering around scavenging, and fought and destroyed it. Before he was killed, the Sith made the Knight an offer he could not refuse that made the Jedi not tell the council about the Sith's existence. The Jedi then took Visfreg under his wing and trained him as a Jedi.


Visfreg, being an honored council member, had a Statue buit in his honor. Located in the Jedi Library, a book was written on his life by acclaimed holonet writer Fyhjlac Dlislap'i. Visfreg was a good friend of Jedi Master Tviel'k Ajhoh, and was honored.

Behind the scenesEdit

Visfreg Krutgah was created by Troy Hillman. This character will be used for the fanon project by Troy Hillman entitled, "Star Wars: The Other." In this upcoming comic, the character will be seen only once and a while, because he was good friends with Tviel'k Ajhoh. (He is a recurring character.)