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Vin Lanmaw was a Human male who worked as a slave for the Rakata on Lehon. He was the father of Malik and Shizu Lanmaw. He was killed by his son, when he attacked his children in a drunken rage. He is the oldest known member of the Lanmaw bloodline.


Vin never wanted children, and as a result he harbored hatred towards both of them. He especially hated Malik, as his wife, Anya had died while giving birth to him. However, because of his wife's death, he had no way of "satisfying" himself, and thus would make use of his daughter, Shizu.

One night, when Vin was drunk, he decided he would remove the burdens on his life.

A Regrettable ChoiceEdit

—Vin to Shizu

Vin, being drunk, saw it necessary one night to beat his children. He beat on them for quite some time by throwing them into walls, punching them and finally stomping them as they lay on the ground. Finally, Vin pinned Shizu down and was ready to end it, taking out a sharp weapon from his cloak. A midst his daughters tears, screams, and cries, Vin laughed as he played with the blade, running it across her neck. He then pointed it directly toward her chest. Bringing it over his head, he told his daughter to die, and as he brought it down, Malik interrupted by grabbing hold of his arm. Vin warned Malik to release him, or else he would feel it's wrath first. Squeezing, Malik broke Vin's wrist with a series of crunches, snaps and pops. Screaming in pain, Vin dropped the weapon and fell to the ground clutching his wrist.


Vin is killed by his son

Taking up the weapon, Malik raised it over his head to finish his father. Vin then attempted to strike his son from a sitting position, but Malik dodged, and as his father fell forward he drove the weapon into his shoulder. Vin yelled in agony as he fell to the ground, now clutching his shoulder. Vin begged Malik to spare him, but received no response, only his son's blank stare. Malik then made a pushing motion with his hand, causing Vin to tumble backward into a wall. Malik took one last look at his father, and with a smile, made a shoving motion causing his father's head to smack the wall with the sound of Vin's skull shattering, his head slumped forward. His body making no indication he was still alive.

Behind the scenesEdit

Vin is portrayed by Marik Ishtar's father.