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Viktor Piard was an officer in the Imperial Navy. Born into a prominent Coruscanti family, he was 13 at the time of the Declaration of a New Order, and later sent to enlist in the Anaxes Imperial Naval Academy around 19 years old.

He served on the Star Destroyer Avenger for most of his naval career under Palpatine's Galactic Empire, until the Battle of Endor, when he was captured by the Rebel Alliance, he was later freed by Imperial forces during the Thrawn campaign and joined Thrawn's forces.

He later served under the Imperial Remnant and later under the Second Galactic Empire, led by Emperor Soontir Fel, during this time he gained the rank of Captain and was assigned to the Star Destroyer Exactor, the flagship of the Imperial Centre Defence Fleet, under the Command of Admiral Rod Valan, this post is testament to his exceptional talent for leadership.

After Grand Admiral Morlish Veed's attempted takeover of the Empire, like many of his colleagues he was told that Emperor Soontir Fel and the Royal Family had been murdered by Alliance agents. Piard swore allegiance to Veed, who called himself "Emperor Fel's regent".

He served in many battles of the Second Imperial Civil War, including the Battle of Coruscant, in which Veed's forces were finally broken and forced to abandon Coruscant, during this battle Admiral Valan perished when the bridge of the Exactor was hit by Fel-loyal forces, Piard managed to hold the fleet together and change what would have been a massacre into an orderly retreat, allowing Veed's forces to withdraw to Eriadu, the last powerbase of Veed's insurgency.

Piard was denied the chance to lead the defence of Eriadu against the Fel-loyalists, as Veed believed that it was Piard's retreat that cost them Coruscant, despite Moff Geist's insistence that Piard had saved them all, Geist's input did manage to sway Veed into letting Piard retain command of the Imperial Centre Defence Fleet during the battle. After Veed's deception was unmasked and the insurgency forces discovered that their Emperor still lived, much of them defected to the Fel forces, that, coupled with the heavy casualties already sustained led Piard to order a surrender, this was countermanded by Veed, who was almost successful in firing the Exactor's Superlasers, which would of obliterated Eriadu, before he was fatally shot in the back by Geist.

As Supreme Commander, Piard then surrendered to Emperor Fel, ending the Second Imperial Civil War. He later served as Admiral of the 6th Fleet, stationed at Coruscant under Fel's restored Empire.

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