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Vestara Khai Skywalker, nicknamed Ves, was a Human female, born to Sith Saber Gavar Khai and his wife, Lahka Khai, on the planet Kesh.


New Home on DathomirEdit


Around 50 ABY, Vestara gives birth to a son and names him Gavar Skywalker in honor of her father's name. She felt very close with him, and feels that the dark side has already fled, and it would never corrupt her, her husband, or her son. Hoping to protect him, Vestara hoped she would teach her son in the ways of the Force as a Dathomiri instead of a Jedi.

While Ben and Vestara were walking through the woods, they stumbled across across Jedi Master Zekk, Taryn Zel, Seha Dorvald, and Marr Idi-Shael. They wanted to bring both Ben and Vestara back to the Jedi Order, back on Coruscant in which they refuse. Ben was able to prevent an argument, and explained that he wants to begin a new life in exile, but he would promise that he will remember the teachings of a true Jedi. Zekk complied to Skywalker's words. However, before they were about to depart, the Bright Sun tribe was attacked by the One Sith, and Ben, along with Seha, Taryn and Zekk rush in to defend the tribe while Vestara stays with her son and Marr.

After sensing Skywalker, Zekk, Taryn, Seha, Marr, and the entire clan were killed by the hands of Darth Krayt and his followers, Vestara felt sadness in her heart, but she did not succumb to her anger, instead she told Marr to take her son to Coruscant while she stays behind to face her final stand against the evil sith that she once served before. She also gave Marr a recording of herself when Gavar is grown up as a Jedi. Damaya accepted and took Gavar as far as possible. Watching their departure, Vestara crosses through the bodies of her love ones and stands in face-to-face against the future Dark Lord of the Sith. Vestara explained that she was once a sith and was forced to do terrible things in the dark side, but she truly admits that she was not that person anymore, and that she is truly a witch and a servant to the light side. Krayt laughed, and showed Vestara the dead body of her lover, and taunted her to succumb to the dark side once again. Vestara ignored his taunts, and threw her lightsaber into the fire. She told him that he will never escape the past, and told him to kill her. Krayt slowly moves forward to her, and explains that she made a terrible mistake. He points his lightsaber to her chest, and kills her.


Behind the ScenesEdit

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