I wonder what it took..."
What what took?"
For Veshin to let her go... he loved her impossibly and he just... let her go. To this day, the concept that he was able to keep his sanity after her death... just truly frightens me to the core...

—Nalrik J'tarr and L'ssek J'tarr on Veshin[src]

Veshin Drenak was an Alirar Jedi Master from Alira, a backwater planet in the far reaches of the Outer Rim Territories.


Veshin in love with a woman on his home world of Alira at the age of seventeen, but he was a Jedi Knight at the time the council discovered their relationship, and that they were about to be married. The council requested that he sever ties with her and remain a member of the Order, promising him the rank of Master when he reached the age of thirty regardless of his actions until then.

Veshin gave important political standing for the Jedi Order at Alira, and if news of his relationship with a "commoner" was broken out, then the Order would be deemed "unfit" by Aliran standards, and all trade routes between Coruscant and Alira would be ended. Alira had an uncommon, extensive, natural supply of the chemicals needed to make bacta, and if they decided not to trade then Coruscant and all outlying systems would be in a dreadfully high demand for low supplies.

Extremely self-obsessed and overconfident at a young age, Veshin left the woman at the altar and dropped her from his life, never looking back. Three months after he left her behind, the woman died of a disease that only Veshin had known about. Veshin let the loss of his love simply pass over him, taking joy in that she was now one with the force. But deep down the Jedi Master felt regret so cold it stabbed him with every beat of his heart.

Veshin would later tell this story to his Padawan learner, Nalrik J'tarr. He told Nalrik that the woman wanted him to marry him before she died, and he refused her last wish because he followed what someone else wanted him to do. Despite the fact that feelings of love could lead to loss, and loss could lead to the dark side, Veshin told Nalrik that he should do what his heart, not the Jedi, told him, and agreed to let the young Trandoshan develop a relationship with a young woman named Fara Jetrel.

A year later, he married Nalrik and Fara at her home on Dantooine. Not long afterward, Veshin was killed by Mandalorians. His death was one of the prime factors for Nalrik to become a Sith Lord.

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