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She's a little young, but she would be.
Eirtaé Lasara

Versé Excenil was a talented member of the Excenil family and a senatorial handmaiden to Padmé Amidala. Though of at the time of her selection as a possible heir to the seat, her promising career was cut short by her murder at the hands of the Separatists.


When Versé was born, she was expected to be subservient to the rest of the family, because her father Osic Excenil's career had been a failure. His ambition, however, was fueled by her natural political talent, and when she was ten, after several family members lost their lives in the Trade Federation invasion, she was enrolled in the classes that her cousins had been put in at a much earlier age. She took and passed her exams when she was sixteen, at which time the members of her family tried to advocate for her to be appointed to the Senate, as the incumbent Raha Totellana was expected to soon retire. When it did, however, in 24 BBY, the position instead went to the more politically experienced former Queen Padmé Amidala.

However, the newly elected Queen Jamillia had met with Versé and been very impressed by her, and suggested she gain experience in Amidala's service. Versé was next interviewed by Amidala's former royal handmaidens, and selected by them to be Amidala's third senatorial handmaiden. Amidala accepted her as both handmaiden and student, and saw in her something of a kindred spirit, with a strong heart and high ideals, both of which Versé wore on her sleeve more than most politicians or even potential politicians. Amidala noted her concern about this once.

In the volatile politics of the Separatist Crisis, Versé learned quickly, and Amidala, noting her progress, made plans to formally announce her as her successor at whatever time she herself chose to retire, but put this announcement off until after the vote on the Military Creation Act. This resulted in it never being made, as when the Senator's ship landed on Coruscant the day of the vote, with Cordé posing as Amidala as a precautionary measure, a bomb went off and killed both handmaidens, Versé instantly. She had not yet turned twenty.

Her body was half destroyed, but her remains were nonetheless taken back to Naboo and buried with high ceremony in the Handmaidens' Graveyard. The Excenil family mourned heavily for she who had become their favorite child, and the sympathy they gained helped them gather more power, after they had already benefited from Palpatine's support.