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Verrida Zenos was an Epicanthix female that was kidnapped by Darth Desperos when she was fifteen-years-old and made to be his apprentice. In 12 ABY she was killed by Dargos Stormshatter aboard the Chaos.


Early LifeEdit

Verrida Zenos was born on the planet Panatha in 10 BBY. Little is known of Verrida's childhood. However it is know that she was sought out by Darth Desperos to be his apprentice, around the year 5 ABY.

It is also known that she was romantically involved with a Epicanthix youth at the time of her abduction.

Life as a SithEdit

Desperos tortured the girl to insanity, he made her to perform the Sith ritual of Narr'Genn, and beat her regularly. Finally with her will broken, Verrida adopted the name Darth Atrocita. Desperos sent her on many missions; she assassinated many foes for him. She was utterly loyal to Desperos, until the day she overheard him plotting to kill her. She then began to rally Dark Jedi, in an attempt to create her own order and topple Desperos. Atrocita took an apprentice named, Greesho. He had no alias, as Atrocita felt that the title of "Darth" had to be earned.


Having just completed a covert mission to Coruscant, Atrocita returned to her apprentice's ship to check his progress. The Sith strode to the controls for the hanger door and opened them. When she saw there was a Jedi, she taunted and goaded him, hoping to anger him. When this failed, she reached out with the Force and sensed a strong bond between the Jedi, and a Twi'lek woman who was with him. Envy burned within her, as she remembered how she was cut off from the one she loved. Spitefully, she used Force Stagnate on the woman hoping to cause the Jedi to think she was dead. In this she succeeded. The Jedi entered an almost feral rage, and attacked her with great savagery. Hardly able to keep up with her attacker, Atrocita did her best to keep up using the Juyo form. In the end the Jedi proved too much for her, and he stomped on her foot and smashed her into a cargo crate. She hissed with rage, as the Jedi pulled back her hood. He looked at her with deep loathing, and she returned his gaze. Then the Jedi ran her through.

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