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Veritas War

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Battle of Krogus


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Lord of the Mali


Here's the deal. Ever since the Tela have existed, there has always been the Mali. The Mali have been nothing but trouble. Always scheming, plotting ways to destroy the peace we so adore. They are pure evil, and if we let them live any longer it could be the destruction of out galaxy.
—Unknown General, approximately one hour before the first battle.

The Veritas War was the first war in galactic history. Both the Tela and Mali spent millions of sikkzed on weapon development. An unheard of development since weapons were not required before this war.

History Edit

Tension builds Edit

The Tela Order and Mali Order have co-existed since their respective creations. The two groups eventually became rivals and their hatred for one another grew deep.

The Tela believed that Force-sensitives should be passive in galactic affairs, only stepping in when things get out of hand; whereas the Mali believed Force-sensitives should rule the galaxy. The neutralists believed the Force was too powerful a "weapon" and set out to destroy it, believing it would lead to man's own downfall if left unchecked.

After several of the Mali's attempts to rule failed, the Tela became fed up with it. They invested billions of Sikkzed on weapon development, and finally created an army.

The Mali followed suit after hearing rumors of a Tela army, building their own fortresses and armies.

Tensions erupt Edit

The Tela sent an army to Krogus, a confirmed Mali world, and sparked the Veritas War.

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