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Verdonious Lora was a Human male Jedi Padawan who was born on Tatooine


Verdonious was born to a poor family on Tatooine. When he reached five years old he was kidnapped by a local Zabrak gang and strapped to a table, where he was poured over with acid, burning through most of his skin. He barely managed to escape, the Zabrak gang was forced into arrest by a local Jedi and Verdonious was saved by the Jedi. At the time, he was too young to be taken away from his parents, and his training was denied for another couple of years.


Verdonious was having a last stand under a planet's surface, against six Sith. He lit up his lightsaber and fought valiantly. He successfully managed to kill three Sith by slicing them in half.

However, the last three Sith were a problem. Two of the Sith were using dual lightsabers, while the last was using a staff. Knowing his life was ending he threw up his arms and watched down as he was impaled by the might of the Sith.

Before dying, he used the Force to collapse down a support frame which caused rocks to fall to the ground and kill the three warriors instantly.


In his lifetime, Verdonious has owned three lightsabers, two of which were destroyed by Sith.

First lightsaberEdit

His first lightsaber was his Exia weapon, powerful and accurate but had some glitches, causing the saber to turn off automatically and not return on. This caused severe problems during one mission and Verdonious nearly died.

Exia was a single, blue lightsaber.

Second lightsaberEdit

His second lightsaber was the New-Exia. This was a gift from his parents, it was his grandfathers. The New-Exia was faster than the original Exia and lighter to carry.

The New-Exia was a single, blue-bladed lightsaber.

Third lightsaberEdit

His third and final lightsaber was named Gharak, after one of his close friends who passed away when they were exploring the city one day. The Gharak lightsaber was custom-built by Verdonious and has a longer blade than any of his previous weapons.

The Gharak was a single, yellow bladed lightsaber.

Verdonious was considered clumsy from other Padawans and Teachers for losing his lightsabers often.

Behind the scenesEdit

Verdonious Lora is a character made by Conor (sinky911) on the Rebels forum. Verdonious was made with the help of a few suggestions through the forum. He had one child, who died shortly after its birth.

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