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Veno Rialo, born strong in the Force, Veno had a natural control over the Force. At the age of six, during his youngling years, he was capable of using Force Telekineses on the remains of a B2 Super Battle Droid. The Masters thought that Veno would become a Jedi Grand Master quickly.

Biography Edit

Early lifeEdit

Born on Trivecta, a planet in the Maw system, Veno was born to a Jedi Master father and a Sith Empress mother. This gave him a natural control over the Force. He could lift heavy objects and defend himself against attacks by the other children.

When Grand Master Skywalker began to feel this through Force Meditation, he climbed aboard a ship and went to the planet to find him. Upon getting him to come along to the Jedi Order, they trained fiercely. Being both a fighter and a Force-user, he requested a battle with Skywalker. He easily bested him in fighting through the Force.

Yavin IV Academy Edit

On Yavin IV, he learned to control the Force more to his will, in turn being the only Jedi Padawan to use Force Lightning and break through a Jedi Knight's defenses. Many thought he would fall to the Sith.