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The Vengeance-class cruiser, sometimes erroneously known as the Vengeance-class frigate, was a warship in the Zann Consortium's fleet. It was unusually armed, with a primary battery consisting of two heavy shield-penetrating mass driver cannons - massive projectile weapons that fired warheads that automatically went through the shields of enemy warships and assailed their armor. It had a secondary battery of fifteen turbolasers, which were used to engage smaller capital ships.

The Vengeance classification also carried four squadrons of StarViper-class starfighters: one on each vertically and horizontally oriented wing. Its starfighter squadrons could keep off attacking enemy bombers and fighters.

It also lacked any deflector shielding, an extremely unusual characteristic for a warship of its size. However, this classification compensated for such a lack of defense by adding significant amounts of armor plating: spin-cooled durasteel with trace amounts of molybdenum.


Positive Characteristics

Negative Characteristics

  • Lack of deflector shielding
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