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Velin Drixa's journal datapad was the journal of Republic Commander Velin Drixa.

The following is a journal datapad recovered from the remains of Republic Commander Velin Drixa on Geonosis in 3,220 BBY.


Time: 18:00 HoursEdit

"We have landed on Geonosis, but there's nothing out here besides rocks and dirt. The troops are getting too cocky, I really don't know how to handle them. I mean this is only my first mission as a Commander at Arms and I am already sent to investigate a disappearance of Republic troops on some boring, dust covered, ringed planet with no tactical advantage at all. Yeah, a planet that is only less than a parsec from Tatooine is REAL interesting. Riiight, and I am a Jedi Master."

Time: 20:00 HoursEdit

"It's been two hours since my last entry and already I have a bad feeling about this whole mission. About 40 minutes ago I ventured out with a squad to search the landing site for any trace of the missing solders, but we have only recovered one trace of evidence that leads us to solving this mystery; a helmet lying on the ground near a rock formation. Only problem is that the helmet wasn't empty. I have a feeling that the Republic solders we were sent to find aren't exactly going to be found alive."

Time: 03:00 HoursEdit

"More reports of missing soldiers appeared on my desk, and I don't like them. Read this:

Mechanic Drenlan Fazo missing after checking the driver mechanism on the third entry hatch.

Another one I don't like:

Group unit Alpha 531 missing after not appearing at their destination following a patrol.

I have informed the ship's mechanics of a radio problem, they are trying to get it working so I can call in these reports to command back at Coruscant. I wonder how it's coming with them."

Time: 03:30 HoursEdit

"The mechanics returned to me with news on the radio situation... It seems as if the radio was melted, almost like it was attacked by a lightsaber. I didn't think this world could support any life, much less a Jedi or possibly a Sith."

Time: 12:00 HoursEdit

"I woke up to more MIA reports, five disappearances in less than two hours. I am to inform the pilots to start the ship and get us the hell out of here as soon as I finish this entry. What the hell is going on out here?"

Time: 12:45 HoursEdit

"A Sith is lurking around here. The pilots are dead, I found their bodies in their quarters not long after my last entry, they stabbed through with a lightsaber. A further autopsy report stated that their lungs were crushed by outside means. Another thing that confirms my suspicions is that there are more and more reports of a hooded figure throughout the ship. Pilots or not, I am starting this ship myself and getting off this damn rock."

Time: 13:00 HoursEdit

"Well I don't think anyone's going to leave now. I found the engines fused together with a lightsaber. Not only that but the Nav Systems are down, destroyed by being crushed. The only thing I can think to do is piece together a new radio out of these chunks of metal lying around. The problem is, however, I have no idea where the metal came from."

Time: 14:00 hoursEdit

"They're all dead, all of them. I saw the Sith Lord enter the ship and... wipe out my crew. I've locked myself in the rations room and sealed the door. I only have enough food... to last me a few days, but at least I'm safe for the time being. A rescue party will come and I will be saved in no time. No time at all... If I do die, my only regret is not finding the troops I was sent to rescue."

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