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Vector Prime was a planet that had formed exactly on 100 ABY. It had two moons, one of which melted due to lava effects.


When Ben Skywalker was converted to the Dark Side by Darth Krayt, he soon after committed mutiny against him. He then turned to Darth Revan who taught him how to build a planet using the Dark Side Of The Force. With his new power, Ben Skywalker then built Vector Prime. The planet soon after becomes the home planet of the Sith. Darth Krayt built a Sith Academy there for Sith hopefuls to be trained.

Darth Revan found the power of infinite Force Energy from a Force Nexus soon after. He realized that if the Star Forge was moved there then, Revan would have the ability to have more power than one could possibly imagine. But before this was possible, Kol Skywalker saved the galaxy from Darth Revan's plot.

Planet InformationEdit

Vector Prime has an asteroid belt one light-year away from the planet. The belt was formed when Coruscant was destroyed.

The planet had many regions. There was the Capital City which was an industrial area, and was inhabited by many species. Another region was an Aqualish City that was mainly built with rock. There was also a city for Mon Calamari which was built around an ocean.

Climate ChangeEdit

Originally, it was a Forest Planet for about 10 years. That was until Darth Raxus ordered it to have cities and to be more populated with more species. After the cities were built, the Northern Region became an Artic Climate and had many mountains.

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