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I came to realize that the theory of the Jedi is nowhere as insane as any other admiral thinks.
—Vector Hex to Treuten Teradoc.

Vector Hex was a Human Male individual born on Centares. He served as admiral in the Galactic Empire and the Greater Maldrood, as well in the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances later on.


Joining the RepublicEdit

In Vector's earliest years he joined the Galactic Republic after succeeding at the academy for captain, he came to captain his own ship and near the end of the war, began directing a fleet into assaults.

Transformation into the EmpireEdit

Following Order 66, Vector Hex felt betrayed by the Jedi Order, as they tried to overthrow Chancellor Palpatine, he soon however came to realize it were not the Jedi mistaken this time, however, not willing to leave the Galactic Empire, he only felt sympathies to them, but never actually helped them, which he regretted later for many years.

Assassination AttemptEdit

During the Galactic Civil War, an individual, named Namn'ic'komi, made an attempt on his life, but however failed to eliminate him, and he became hunted under the name of Esa Mulita, a bounty hunter which would gain his fame later during the war.

Cerci Colonization WarEdit

Vector Hex would join two other admirals, Admiral Callius and Admiral Nom in the Cerci Colonization War between the Galactic Empire and the rather aggressive inhabitants.

Collapse of the EmpireEdit

Following the collapse of the Galactic Empire, Vector Hex went into hiding on the borders of the known galaxy, secretly expanding to worlds unknown to New Republic and Imperial Remnant forces, on one of these worlds he formed the Hex Union, a small autocracy forged to govern multiple planets and defend them from outer threats.

Fall of the HexEdit

The Pentastar Alignment and Zsinj, being located near Hex Union space, discovered their location, attacked the Ragon system, instantly wiping them out.

Joining the Greater MaldroodEdit

In 8 ABY, Victor Hex went into hiding in the deep core, after being forced to retreat from Hex space, where he was soon approached by High Admiral Teradoc, suggesting Vector should join the Greater Maldrood and enforce the Teradoc fleet, stating he could use someone with his skills. Vector agreed to join, and began supporting admiral Teradoc in the inner core.

Vector became close with admiral Teradoc, being one of his own loyal admirals, Treuten had devised a plan to recapture the former holds of the Hex Union, which Vector would be part of. The initial goal was to capture the holdings, which were now held by the Pentastar Alignment, and give them back to Vector, so he could reform the Hex Union.

Vector would lead the assault against many Pentastar garrisons, together with Treuten and Norven, they eventually managed to drive out the Pentastar forces and reclaim the former worlds of the Hex Union. Part would go to the Greater Maldrood, but most would be part of Vector's reformed faction, the Septentrional Imperium.

Vector rebuilt his imperium on the ashes of the Pentastar forces, taking most of their forces as his own, as well as taking a part of is former garrison. He and his reconstructed imperium would become part of the United Imperial Warlords, a faction composed of the Greater Maldrood, the Aradan Union, the Fallen Imperium and the Septentrional Imperium.

The New RepublicEdit

After numerous years, Hex re-emerged from his hiding place to overview the current state of the galaxy, considered a rogue Admiral by now, he attacked Imperial and Republic fleets alike, both of which he considered enforcing. However, deciding to be tired of Imperial policies, he decided to enforce the New Republic, as he planned to do starting 19 BBY.

Galactic AllianceEdit

After multiple years of serving the New Republic, he decided to retire, being to old to continue fighting. He was however called to fight for the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, the New Republic's successor, to fight the Yuuzhan Vong Empire, which he gladly accepted in defense of Our galaxy.

Swarm WarEdit

Notable battles he fought in were the battles of Khorgot, and Nexus Prime, as well later joining the eventual Swarm War against the Killiks. Most notably during the Battle of Argo V, siding with the Chiss Ascendancy in their war.

Chiss Ascendancy-Galactic Alliance WarEdit

Battle of FondorEdit

Vector Hex would coordinate the defense of Fondor, one of the Galactic Alliance's capital planets. He would however fail to sustain the planet against the Chiss Ascendancy. He would retreat his vessels into hyperspace to leave Fondor for the Chiss.

First Battle of CesteaEdit

Hex would launch a counter-offensive against the Imperial Alliance by attacking Cestea. It would be the first successful battle of the Galactic Alliance as he captured Cestea, driving off Cybe Drives.

Battle of CybeEdit

Hex would launch another assault against Cybe as part of the counter-offensive led by Vector. He would however fail this assault as the Imperial Remnant, led by Norven Loyaler, aided Cybe Drives in this battle. Vector Hex would retreat, leaving a garrison at Cestea.

Battle of TerephonEdit

Vector Hex would join the defense of Terephon, aiding their ally, the Hapes Consortium against the Imperial Remnant and the Chiss Ascendancy. Vector Hex would retreat along with Hapan admiral Maron Argo.

Battle of Yavin IVEdit

Vector Hex and Maron Argo would buy time for Nick Talon and Rahm Kota to design a defense plan for the Rings of the Battle Plane. Hex and Argo would remain at Yavin IV until the formation had failed to hold off the Imperial Alliance members, after which they retreated to make a last stand at the Port.

Battle of the Rings of the Battle PlaneEdit

Vector Hex and Maron Argo would join Nick Talon and Rahm Kota in the defense of the Rings of the Battle Plane. Hex would, after the failure of the plan, retreat into the station, along with the other admirals. Norven Loyaler would follow them and kill Kota, which sacrificed himself for the others to escape.

Confederation-Galactic Alliance WarEdit

Following the break-up between multiple members of the Galactic Alliance the Confederation was formed by former Galactic Alliance members. Vector Hex sided with the Jedi eventually and joined on the Confederation's side, however, following the defeat of the Confederation, Vex left the known galaxy.

Marriage and further lifeEdit

Maron Argo and Vector Hex eventually served together in one fleet due to the Hapes Consortium having fallen, and Admiral Argo willing to continue fighting for the Galactic Alliance. The pair would later hide together after the war, where they would slowly enter in a relationship based on romance.

Eventually deciding to retire, as the pair married in Chiss territory, over ten years after the war, where the Ascendancy had selected a new leader, Cserono, to replace his father.

Vector and Maron eventually had a daughter which they had named Yvon Hex, which would live to fight during the Second Imperial Civil War under Gar Stazi as part of the Galactic Alliance.

Personality and traitsEdit

Vector Hex was known to be a skilled admiral which would often feel sympathies when he wronged someone without a personal reason, which caused Hex to eventually defect to the New Republic. When his actions were justified, he was ruthless. To friends, allies, and outranking individuals, he was very respectful.


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