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The Valley of the Jedi was a large area on the planet Ruusan that was built by the ancient Jedi in 1000 BBY.


Old RepublicEdit

The Valley was created by an ancient Jedi to lock in the power of many Jedi spirits. It was told to have great power within it. The location was hidden after that and wasn't re-discovered for about a thousand years.

New RepublicEdit

The Valley's location was eventually found, and was put into the hands of Morgan Katarn, the father of the Rebel agent and later Jedi Kyle Katarn. The dark Jedi Jerec had killed Morgan in 1 ABY and then took the map from hip after his posession of it was revealed by Qu Rahn. He had stole the map and went to the Valley. However, Kyle Katarn had followed Jerec to the Valley along with his partner Jan Ors. Although Jerec had obtained the power to the valley, Katarn had still beaten Jerec in battle. The Jedi spirits were then released and the Valley was free. Kyle and Jan were then the only ones who knew the Valley's location. Several years later, a Dark Jedi named Desann had taken control of the Empire. When meeting with the now powerless Katarn on Artus Prime, he had easily beaten him in battle. Katarn then became outraged and used the Valley's power to help him be familiar again with his powers. The plan was a trap though. Desann had tracked him to the Valley and took the power for himself to create an army of force actives. The army was destroyed in a failure attack on the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV.


The Valley of the Jedi contains a few different parts that make it up.

The Core: Where the Jedi spirits and their are kept. The flow to the Valleys power is filtered through this area. This is also the location where Katarn and Jerec had fought and where all the ancient statues were created.

Ruins: The ancient works of the Jedi surround the Core, including ancient markings and symbols engraved within the wall's. Many excavations had taken place here by Jerec's Empire during its capture of the Valley.

Dragon's Den: A small room that cut off the trail to the Valley that had housed a small group of Kell Dragons summoned by the Jedi spirits to defend the Valley.

Ancient doors: Large impenetrable doors that block off the entrance. They had to be activated by a nearby switch to be successfully opened.


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