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Vénkáíláz Mountains
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Ingza Prime

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Before the Republic era onwards

What a beautiful place! Very secluded though, hard to get help, knowledge of First Aid is recommended before staying here any length of time, because it can take hours for help from the nearest city to arrive!
—A rich Ingzan speaking about the Vénkáíláz Mountains

The Vénkáíláz Mountains (Ingzan: Vénkáíláz Móntíáns, V-ey-n-k-aye-lahz Moh-n-tee-ahns) was a very large mountain range found in the west of Ingza Prime and was ruled by the upper-class noble Zerego family, one of the ruling families who together ruled Ingza Prime on behalf of the Ingzan sovereign. Quite isolated, the main employment was farming, there were numerous farms dotted through-out the mountain valleys, due to the fact they lived in a mountain range many miles from the big cities in the lowland areas of the planet they were isolated from the outside the different farms all stuck together to help each other out should something happen to one of them, ready to help their "neighbours" and if needed to call it help from the outside.

The mountains were considered one of the natural wonders of Ingza Prime, many rich people had holiday homes in the mountains, secluded retreats from the big cities were they lived and worked most of the year. Many of the richest of the rich, like V'ei'ka Kysa Zerego, the feudal lady of the region, owned mansions in the mountains.

Kysa Zerego also owned a castle in the flatter southern end of the mountains, the castle was the traditional home of the Zerego family, the Zerego family still lived in the castle, but many had other homes like Kysa Zerego, who had a palace in Ingza City.

Because of their isolation the Royal Ingzan Army and the Ingzan Freedom Front set up bases in the mountains when fighting their new N'Akkiarlian masters

The largest mountain was Móntíán Vénkáíláz, namesake of the mountain range, a huge mountain rising tens of thousands of feet from the ground.

Hardly any people lived in the northern part of the mountain range, because this was usually snowy and cold, in the northern part was the large lake, Kúzákí Lákí, in winter this lake, like most water bodies in the north, froze.

Because the Zerego family ruled them the citizens of this region showed great loyalty to the Zeregans.

To the north lay the almost inhostible Ice Region, to the west the Háyákás Plains and to the south and east the Uzako Desert.

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