Star Wars Fanon


SiTH Code Update

The SiTH Code Release is being delayed but expanded.The New Release date is May 31st.

Extra Stuff for The Homage

  • Chapter 5 of Origins of the Sith,to finish up Part 1
  • Old Republic Tales for the Rethought Star Wars Saga

The Extended Series

Miscellaneous Series + The Collab

  • All Sagas in the Multiverse Saga not part of the Homage or The Collab will form the Miscellaneous Series.
  • The Collab consists of the following:

The Three Sagas

This refers to the Multiverse Saga,the Earth Saga, and the Intergalactic Saga

Other Content

  • Star Wars Origins,a standalone story, to be published on TheForce.Net
  • Old Republic Series,which will be completed on TheForce.Net but afterwards posted here.
  • I am Darth Apocalypse on TFN (TheForce.Net)
  • The Explanation Saga on this wiki
    • This will begin to be released over the time of the updated SiTH Code

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