Have ever wanted to feel like what it was to be a Dark Angel of Corellia? Being reborn as a Darth by one of the Sith's most prized and powerful apprentices? Well now you can! In this short story, you'll see yourself through the eyes of the Dark Angel Darth Varanee who struggles as one of the members of this secret organization and attempt to gain the trust of Darth Angel, an apprentice of Count Dooku and is as powerful as Darth Sidious.

In this short story, concurrent with Alliance Civil War from 5 BBY to 3 ABY, you'll experience the deadly, most unforgiving lives as a member of the galaxy's greatest group of Dark siders as you would experience missions that span from the Outer Rim to the Core World of Coruscant, even on the battlefields of the Clone Wars.

Angel's Loyalists, a small group of specially trained Dark Angels, serve as the antagonist against Varanee in her time as a Dark Angel. Sometimes they would even go as far as attacking her physically when alone, but even she has Dark Angels who protect. They are known as Varanee's Watchmen, and they are as the name impiles.

Anyways, the current information for the characters involved in this story will be replaced with new information that comes with this story. So thats all for now, I also plan to have this short story finished before production for Alliance Civil War starts. Thanks for reading!

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