Those who thought the Grand Admiralty was gone for good and were licking your lips deliciously are no doubt weeping and wailing at my return. My absence has a very logical excuse.

Something called real life has hit and hit hard. I am currently working two jobs, and at most I have only three hours of morning time to actually work on any story. And I am also currently involved in a collaboration writing project with a kid I know from a Civil War message board site I frequent.

I ran aground a couple months ago hard when it came to SW fan fiction. I couldn't get anything done. I tried writing more of the ever promised Heirs but couldn't get anything out. But, my alternate Episode One is hardly has fared little better. And my reedit of Rise to Imperial Glory is barely past the first chapter.

So, I went and worked on some Star Trek fan fiction to help get the creative juices flowing again. And recently, I was able to complete the third chapter of the alternate Episode One. And now, Heirs is back on track. We shall see where it all ends up.

This has been your Grand Admiral. Strength and Honor.

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