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Well, here it is, the second installment of my Revealing the Secrets backstory. As you may know, the Jedi history has been altered a lot, with the whole Colonization of Tython thing and Shae Koda, Sah n'Viri, etc.

It starts out with a group of Force-sensitive monks known as the Golannites, (taken from the Golan temple mentioned in Indonai history) who are in search of a home due to their persecution as witches and wizards on Tho-Yor, a planet that I took from Tho Yor, the massive pyramidal structures that created the Jedi. So the Golannites find Tython, hidden away in a nebula in the Deep Core and form their Jedi Order, taken from the leader of the group - Nahkul Jed'Dai. There's of course Shae Koda and Sah n'Viri, some of the members of the Council of the Eldborn. The Eldborn is a term the Golannites took from the great mountain of Eld on Tho-Yor. So the Council is comprised of their leader Nahkul, Shae Koda, Sah n'Viri, Josef io Daala and some others. They form an alliance with the Republic at some point during this time period, but that's really all that's changed. Eventually their temple is moved to Coruscant (but some breakoffs go to other worlds like Ilum, Ossus, Ciratu, etc.—to see the full list go to the Jedi Worlds article and that's the planets they took off to) and the story goes on from there.

So that's my second post, explaining some changes in history. I will be creating a series known as Tales of the Jedi set around this timeframe.

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