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It's been a while since I have posted any substantial content on this site. Hard to believe I haven't written a story since 2014. Part of that has to do with being a busier man IRL. Marriage and being more important at my job will do that to you. Part of that has to do with general malaise and disinterest in Star Wars following the official scuttling of the Expanded Universe. Part of that has to do with some serious writer's block.

I had a story in mind that I wanted to write after I finished the Force Exile III rewrite back in 2014—however, that was made much more difficult by the fact that the kind of story I wanted to write had elements of a spy story in it with lots of intrigue, and at least for me, those are hard to write in a way that seems remotely clever. I've been slowly churning on this story for close to three years now, but it is finally done to my satisfaction, and to the satisfaction of my beta reader. This is also the last of the planned Yanibar Tales. I might go back and revise some of the older ones eventually, but this concludes my story-writing.

I did it. I finished the anthology. The Force Exile Saga's narrative component is largely complete.

I still have some more EGTFE work to do that I've been making slow progress on, and YGS will probably be pared back to a more realistic amount so I can actually finish it since it's not as engaging of a feature,. I'm not bailing on SWF, but I am very content with the stories I've told. There is one other project that I had wanted to start years ago that would be a spin-off novel of sorts, but I've not even started early planning for it. I don't know if I'll ever actually write that as my original idea was far too complex.

Look for The Cauldron to be arriving this week! here. It's a prequel-era story set during the Clone Wars centered around the ARC-trooper who becomes Spectre. I'll update this blog when I upload it.



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