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Aryn Tarra

aka Mylesa Avv

  • I live in Keldabe, Mando'haim
  • I was born on October 14
  • My occupation is Bounty hunter, Warrior, knife thrower, computer repairer, armor builder.
  • I am Female, gar di'kut!
  • Aryn Tarra

    Answer: This is part 2 because there was a part one. Written horribly, but with memorable characters, I have a mind to paste it up soon. If not only for wall decor.

    Tchah, life is what you make of it. My life belongs in that saying. Redone, it might read that Jedi Master Aayla Secura's life is what any Rutian or Lethan Twi'lek can dare to make of it.

    A few months ago, one of my dear Jedi friends, Master Luminara Unduli, tutored me on a mission to Iego. She later wrote a diary about it, so that other Jedi Initiates can learn from her mistakes. I thought that I should do the same thing. Write a ‘diary’ of a crusade that I had done at one point or other, and then give it to my dearest friends.

    I am at Knighthood. Quinlan, still my deepest frien…

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  • Aryn Tarra

    This chapter was actually the first part of this book written, as my best friend didn't know what her character, Serinii Dawn, looked like or what age she was before I wrote this. So, with Serinii out of the way, Skitch continues on with her escape and travels into a cantina, only to meet a Mandalorian with a ship, money, food, and hope for a new life.

    ‘Ser would have loved this.’ I mused as I ran off of the landing platform. Suddenly, my boot slipped, and I fell on the sand of this new planet, my outfit jingling from the touch of metal to earth. I stood up, cautiously. This was not the outfit that I needed to be wearing on a slime-digger planet like this.

    I brushed the sand off of my silver bottom piece. Immediately, I tried to explore my o…

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  • Aryn Tarra

    I wrote this story a while ago, and I have it all finished. If you want more, drop me a message, and I will post it. The rest of the story is amazing, and it's all carefully researched so as not to conflict with any canon that exists.

    It was a dark, bleak day on Byss the day that I met my best friend.

    It happened on accident, really. I was sitting down, trying to sleep, when the door to my cell opened. S’cyck had put me there because I was causing a disturbance when I was in with the rest of the slaves. A disturbance, as S’cyck had said, was evidently telling stories to the young ones that were having nightmares.

    A Weequay pushed open the door and shoved a young girl in. She looked to be about seven years old. I was around nine. “Can you danc…

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