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Bio Edit

Jango10 first began role playing on TF.N in 2004. His first game was a NSWRPF entitled Halo: Fight for Humanity, but it was the breakthrough game System Lords that really turned Jango10 into an RPer. Over the past three years, Jango10 has taken part in several successful RPGs, with his most memorable roles coming in the System Lords Series and the Original Podracer RPG. He believes he is a gifted storyteller, but he somehow lacks the skills needed to create highly successful RPG. He has also created several mildly successful RPGs, with one hit. Sadly, most of Jango10's RPs never get to see a full life.

RPGs Edit

Jango10 has experienced mild success with his RPGs, but most of them have failed. Here is every RPG that Jango10 has created:


Into the Arena

Description: A Star Wars/Gladiator Crossover that pulls elements from Imperial Hammer's Podracer RPG.

History: Closed down after lack of players and lack of time. Jango10 really expected more players, akin to the number of those that participated in Podracer.

The Hunt for Midnight Ghost

Description: Taking elements from the Hunt for Red October (including its title), the Hunt for Midnight Ghost was about a new stealth ship built by the Empire that had just gone missing. Had the RPG continued, it would have centered around the Empire and New Republic's hunt for the ship and the Capitan's motives.

History: Jango10 was very excited about this RP, since it has one of his favorite movies combined with Star Wars. He also thought this RP had one of the best plots out of all the RPs he has produced.

Star Wars: Lockdown

Description: Star Wars: Lockdown involved a Rebel Special Forces Unit infiltrating an Imperial Research Facility to capture Imperial Scientists. What they encountered there was a genetically engineered creature far more terrifying than they could imagine.

History: During the creation of this RPG, Jango10 teamed with good friend BLemelisk. The both of them thought they had a good idea, but it only lasted 2 pages.


Description: Heist was a SW RPG created by Jango10 about a group of thieves planning to steal Yoda's Lightsabre from Emperor Palpatine.

History: Although, Jango10 had high hopes (as he does for all his RPGs) in hindsight he can see the flaws in this one. His character was too good and too important. The style and writing of Jango10 in the RPG left little for the players to do.

Galactic City: A Star Wars/Godfather Crossover RPG

Description: Galactic City centered around the conflict between two rival families on Coruscant. The RPG began with one of the Godfather's sons being murdered. If the RPG had continued, it would have revealed that it was Palpatine that murdered the son. He had planned to start a war between the two families in order to eliminate them and prevent them from competing for his power.

History: Also for this RPG, Jango10 teamed up with BLemelisk for the creation of this RPG. Each of them played the head of the rival families. It failed as most of Jango10's RPGs do.

The Formation of the Republic

Description: This RPG centered around the newly created Republic and its first confrontation with the Sith Empire.

History: This is probably Jango10's worst constructed RPG. He in fact closed it before it even began.

The Clone Wars: Declassified-A Squad Based RPG

Description: Declassified concerned itself with a Clone Special Forces unit during the Clone Wars. The first mission dealt with the Squad destroying a droid facility on an ice planet.

History: This is one of Jango10's favorite RPGs. The Clone War is one of Jango10's favorite events in SW.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Wars

Description: The Mandalorian Wars was exactly like it sounded. It chronicled the conflict between the Old Republic and the Mandalorians.

History: This was Jango10's first RPG, and one of his most successful.


The Lords of Middle Earth

Description: The Lords of Middle Earth was an RPG in the style of System Lords. It involved players taking control of a Middle-Earth faction and competing for domination.

History: This is also one of Jango10's more successful RPGs, even though it is only 9 pages.

Operation Overlord

Description: Operation Overlord was about the D-Day invasion. Players chose whether to be on the Axis or Allies and then began to reenact the famous battle.

History: This is Jango10's most successful RPG, and it is still up and running (even though he is no longer involved with it). It even has a spin-off RPG that was based on the Invasion of Sicily.

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