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  • Alo.
  • Salut.
  • Sunt eu, un haiduc.
  • Okay I'll stop.
  • Hi! I am Diego Amerez.
  • I am 15 years old and am currently (well, not really, I'm on summer vacation.)a junior in High School. Two More years behbeh!
  • I am obsessed with Star Wars. I take a shower and think about Star Wars, I go to bed and think about Star Wars, I take a walk and think about Star Wars.
  • I am also obsessed with doing whats right.
  • I am the unofficial moral advisor of this wiki. Read my comments on the talk page of the Current Events, and you'll see why.
  • THIS:
KratosA This user's favorite Tales of Symphonia character is Kratos Aurion. Kratos is one bad motha (daddy).
is my favorite video game character of possibly all time. He reminds me of my brother, albeit a lot less funny.

I got an "A" in philosophy last semester for proving my professor doesn't exist.


So, I was wondering. I have been thinking of expanding my universe more, and I want to ask you, the SWFANON community, whether I should expand my BBY universe, with Di'e Go Am'er'ez in it, or my ABY universe, with Chrisalaas Martokanon. I know I'm going to try and work on the slave girl in BBY, but I want to ask you guys what I should do next. Read my articles first, then judge.

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It has come to my attention that one of my templates is under attack simply because of an innocent metaphor in it. It says, "God can't shake a stick at this user". Well, I have news for you...THIS IS FANON. THIS IS THE REALM OF CREATIVITY. If you can't deal with something like this simply because of your religious beliefs, you childish nature, or even just your attempts to be funny, then don't criticize it. Seriously, you all claim to wage a War on Vandals, but lemme give you a little metaphor here.

One day, a country got attacked. The nation went psycho, and demanded the heads of those who attacked. So they declared war on the attackers, who were so sparse that they could not be found. At the same time, the leaders of the nation limited their citizen's rights, until they could no longer create. The attackers were never caught, nor stopped.

Get my point? This is a haven for creativity. If it's not against the rules, then you don't have the jurisdiction to command others to create or not create.

Please understand that I am not trying to offend or inflame, I am simply spouting my frustration with this whole ordeal today. It ruffles my plumes to be censored.

With Best Regards, friend,

Di'e Go Am'er'ez

My Allies Edit

Ewoksfist - Ewoksfist and I were around when this wiki was still destitute and underdeveloped. Wikimaniac and Aiddat were the major contributors back then. Originally, Ewok and I, along with Oswaft, bashed heavily on the prolific Wikimaniac. Eventually, I grew tired of the constant bashing, and said something. Ewok agreed with me, and we quit being so harsh to the kid. Ewok toyed around with me as Wikipsychopath for a while, which only galvanized our alliance. Recently, we have been slightly at odds, but I still consider him a friend and ally.

Darth Mavoc - Recently, Darth Mavoc has helped me out with my new clone. But anyway, while our alliance is still new (today, in fact) I now consider him an ally.

1upD - 1upD has featured Di'e Go Am'er'ez in some of his fanon. I was greatly honored.



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Bah Edit

I wish I could post information about my other fiction works on this wiki. So far, I haven't found a wiki where you can do that.

A BIG question Edit

Why the hell is the country focusing on gay men instead of real problems, i.e. global warming and the health care crisis? Why aren't they giving more money to scientific endeavors that can be used to find ways of alternative fuels?

Tidbits of my other fiction Edit

It is unfortunate that i am still not able to find a place to put my own fiction on the internet, so i'll give you a taste of it here.

Tell me what you think of my other fiction on my talk page!

Tidbits from KarlaEdit

Karla woke up to Tarlas’ beak in her face, the odor of dradbugs on his breath. “Welcome back to the land of the living, sleepyhead.” he said. She rubbed her eyes, and noted that she was in a larger bed made of real linen. Tarlas offered her a plate of lapas berries, a plate that she groggily accepted. As she began to eat, Tarlas walked over to the window with his long stride, and gazed out at the sunset with his grey eyes. A cool breeze was blowing in from the mountains in the north, along with a nightly thunderstorm. “Ahh….there’s nothing more beautiful than a Yumali sunset…especially when the rain is coming to cool the sands.” said he. “Sunset?” queried Karla. “Yes. You slept clear through the day.” “When did you find me?” “Around nine in the morning.” Karla then said nothing for a while. Finally, after she finished her juicy meal, she said, “I’ve done some thinking. I’d like to go back to where you found me. To, you know, look around for something.” “I didn’t see anything else around where you were, but alright. Let’s hope whatever it is you need isn’t washed away by this storm.” He looked at the lightning dropping from the clouds. The thunderhead covered the sunset soon, and he closed the window. “It won’t be.” said Karla. Silence ruled the room for a minute or so, then Karla said, “So…you must be pretty rich, having a trading post and all. Is this my bed?” “No, it’s my bed.” Shocked for a moment, Karla then replied, “You think that just because you saved me from death in the desert that you can sleep with me? You, sir, are perverted.” Tarlas suddenly bellowed out a mighty laugh, and said. “HA! Sleep with you? Why would I sleep with the hated Godan general Karla? Yes, it could be that I will take advantage of you. If that is what you think, then the dismal dirt cot is waiting. But, what if it was for your protection? Suppose that there was a huge bounty on your head. Say…..1,000,000,000 brens? I could kill you right now and be the richest man in the entire western hemisphere! But no. Do you know why I won’t kill you?” Karla could not answer out of shock. “It’s because I like you. You proved yourself an esteemed warrior during your glory days, and many Yumali respect you for that. It’s only the extremists who want your head. They want all Godan dead. Unfortunately….one particular extremist is extremely wealthy. Traal Manan put that price on your head. And bounty hunters do not distinguish honor or skill from money…put money on the table and all bets are off. I bet there are millions of people out there searching for you. I’m the only man on this rock offering protection.” Karla looked at him for a minute, then said, “I….I…was only following orders….I…” She then broke apart and wept. “Pity to you, dear Godan. I did not mean to make you startled.” He then took her up into his arms and just held her, as a father holds a daughter who has been wronged. After Karla could bring herself together again, she said, “I….no. You did not startle me. I….did something horrible. I think I need to sleep now….” She then laid down and just stared out the window. “Good. Rest for the weary is best. I shall take a bath now. If you need me, just barge in and startle the living daylights out of me.” said Tarlas with a smile. Karla smiled. She finally found a reason to smile after so many days of dread and dearth. Finally. A reason to feel an emotion besides sadness and despair at her fate. Before she closed her eyes, she thought she could see the figure of a small girl in the distance. Her eyes closed before it could come closer, however.

Thunder and lightning raged outside Tarlas’s window during the night. It was a constant battle between the lightning’s bright flash and the room’s darkness. Light would conquer the room for a split second, then the dark would reclaim the territory. Thunder, the light’s ally, could do nothing to help its brother. The light also revealed a figure in the room. A tall, dark, evil figure. The figure was sneaking to where two people lay sleeping, deep in dreams of various things. The figure, reaching into its void body, pulled out a fine three pronged instrument, tipped with poison. It continued to sneak forward towards the bed, its feet making no sound, its cloak making no sound. The lightning flashed, lighting up its dark face. A grin was on it. The figure thought that one person sleeping in the bed was completely unaware of his presence. The other one knew of his presence, for he had arranged it. What he hadn’t arranged was his own death, the figure thought. “I’ll kill him and take all of his property,” thought the figure. He was now mere inches from the person on the bed. As he was just about to plunge his instrument into her neck, the person on the other side suddenly threw his arm back and stabbed the figure in the throat.

A look of absolute shock ran across the face of Menpa as he stood there, a longsword in his throat. Tarlas, the wielder of the sword, said in a mocking tone, “Hmmm…..kill you and get ninety thousand, or let you kill her and get one billion all to yourself. Logic dictates that I should kill her. But….do you think I would kill someone I hate, or someone I respect? Think about it in the afterlife, ‘friend’.” After saying this, he deftly decapitated Menpa. His head rolled out onto the floor. How Karla slept through all this was mysterious to Tarlas.

Karla woke up in the morning refreshed and peaceful. She had a nice, quiet’s night’s rest with no disturbances or nightmares. She looked around for Tarlas, but he was nowhere around. Stretching her long arms to the ceiling, she got up and opened the window. The sun was rising, chasing away the clouds that had violently clashed with the darkness the night before. Puddles of water lay on the ground, not yet disturbed by feet. The air was clean and free of stench. A pleasant breeze was wafting from the north, bringing with it the sweet smell of the mountains. Just then, Tarlas walked through the door and placed a bag on the table. He smiled at Karla and said, “I see that you’re awake now, eh? Welcome to life again, sleepyhead! Heck, I’ve been up since five. I’ve already had my shower and breakfast. All I’m doing now is waiting on you.” Karla smiled at him while asking, “Oh? Where’d you go off to this morning?”. “…..I visited a relative. He gave me ninety thousand brens, upon hearing of your trouble.” “How nice of him! Be sure to thank him for me. I guess I’ll wash up now.” She walked through the door to the bathroom, and closed it behind her. Tarlas sat down on Karla’s side of the bed and smelled the pillow where her head had rested the night before. “Ugg….you need it. I hope she explains everything to me today.”

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