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The Ultimate Galactic Empire (Empire, Imperials, UGE) was the Government that took over from the Democratic Government of Free Planets and Systems. It was the longest lasting Government, remaining in government for over 40,000 years.


The UGE was formed after the Imperial Remnant made a Coup d'état against the Democratic Government of Free Planets and Systems, New Jedi Order, and Fazian Order.


The head of the Ultimate Empire was the Ultimate Emperor. The heads of the Army and Navy were the Ultimate Grand General and the Ultimate Grand Admiral. The Ultimate Galactic Empire eventually encompassed 15 galaxies. Every sector was ruled by a Ultimate Moff. Every Oversector was ruled by a Ultimate Grand Moff, and every galaxy was ruled by a Ultimate High Moff. All the galaxies were ruled by a Ultimate Supreme Moff.


The Ultimate Galactic Empire had a military that consisted of quadrillions of people. Every standard year, over 967x10 to the 90th power of Ultimate Credits into this military.


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