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Ulrich, or Special Stormtrooper Ulrich, was one of the Force-sensitive Special Stormtroopers employed by the New Republic during the Droid Wars. Like the other "Special Storms," Ulrich became a Jedi after the war. However, like William, Ulrich then became a Dark Jedi. Like the other Special Storms, Ulrich's Force abilities spiked during this time, and he made new Jedi robes to accommodate his power. Shocked at learning that his lover Yumi was romancing with his own best friend, Odd, the distraught Ulrich ran into the open arms of Sissi Delman, who had previously held an unrequited love for Ulrich, though this relationship did not last long. Soon, Ulich became increasingly uncomfortable with the Sith way and returned to the Special Storms, the Jedi, and his lover Yumi.

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