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Ulix Kartah was a powerful Jedi, one of the Jedi who used lightscythes and was slaughtered.

Early lifeEdit

She was only two months old before a Jedi watchman Arkath Melzak found her and she was taken to the Jedi Temple for training. While at the Temple she spent many long hours in the training rooms and soon became an apprentice to Sigath Maroth, an experienced Jedi Master highly competent in the arts of the lightscythes and the Force.

Battle of KatrimEdit

While with her master she had attended the Battle of Katrim, where she met her fate against Darth Silix. While on Katrim she found the ruins of an old Sith temple and found one Sith hiding from the battle. When the Sith challenged her she denied, but she was drawn into battle and killed.

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