The Udûn are little more then savage beasts. Surely you know that?
—Unidenfied biologist

The Udûn (meaning "berserker") were a race of savage huminoids found on the planet Cirdan.

Biology and appearance Edit

The Udûn looked like tall, muscular humans at a glance,but there were differences. For example, their skin were a dark red color which was normally referenced to be blood. Their teeth were sharp, and their eyes were yellow. The Udûn were incredibly strong, and were extremely loyal to their masters. However, they were not very bright.

Culture and society Edit

Udûn society was largely built around rivalry between the Morguls. Morguls were the names of the three cities on Cirdan where a Udûn warlords armies lived. The Nurn and the Wargs where the two types of Udûn that served a Morgul. When a Udûn turned his back on a Morgul, he would become an outcast. When bussinessman Cillion visted Cirdan and started mining for minarals, the Udûn attacked Cillions mine, causing an uprising to erupt on Cirdan.

The NurnEdit

!Uruks 2

Nurn troopers on Cirdan

The Nurn were the most common of all the Udûn that lived as part of the Morguls. Brutal yet stupid, these savage warriors armed themsevles with swords and basic blasters. They were led into war by bloodthirsy clan leaders. These firce warriors were famous for their bloodlust. Life for a Nurn was simple yet hard-the Nurn created the weapons and armour of the Udûn armies, gathered the food and did most of the manual work. They wore thick leather armor for protection.


Wargs were the more elite of the Udûn. More clever, faster and stronger then the Nurn, the Wargs belived themsevles better then any other Udûn in the Morguls. To discourage relantionships between each other, each Warg was told to kill a fellow Warg if he disobayed any orders. They were armed with the best wargear of the Morguls armies. This usally composed of heavy armour, short swords, genades and bowcasters. Wargs went through mounths of harsh training. As a result of their higher status many Morguls were arrogaunt. They belived themsevles supirior to the Nurns and, indeed, other alien races, such as humans.


A warlord controled a Morgul and the Udûn thta lived there. These were the best soldiers of the Udûn, and also the best commanders.



An Udûn Outcast

When a Udûn broke away from Morguls, he would become an Outcast. These warriors were the most feral of all the Udûn, and many traveled Cirdan on their own. These warriors became the most feared of all Udûn, due, not only to their brutality, but to their abilaty to control many of the huge beasts that lived on Cirdan. Outcasts tattoed themselves with hands and wore only a cloth and helmet.

History Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

The Udûn are based off the Uruk-hai from the Lord of the Rings.

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