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Tviel'k Ajhoh was a Grand Jedi Master. Tviel'k was taken from his family at the age of one month and never saw his parents again. Tviel'k would be raised to become a great Jedi and train a great Sith, (later on Jedi Master) Vezz Zaranoth.

Biography Edit

Tviel'k Ajhoh was born on an Unknown Planet to Mrs. Hajukeij Ajhoh and Mr. Bedsifek Ajhoh. Tviel'k was brought from his parent's home at the age of 1 month. Tviel'k was trained by a Jedi Master, Seld'h Haxdi'h. After his annointment to the Jedi Council, Tviel'k took on a new apprentice, Vezz Zaranoth, (Darth Zezik).

Clone WarsEdit

Tviel'k and Vezz fought throughout the Clone Wars, and Tviel'k was one of the Jedi that fought on Geonosis in 22 BBY. When Palpatine gave the order, (Order 66) they were on an Yavin 4 fighting the CIS.

Vezz tried to save his master, but in fear of also being killed, Vezz turned around and impaled his master in the heart. This was the final event that led to Darth Zezik's conversion to the Sith... Many a Jedi mourned, and his freind, Visfreg Krutgah, tried to heal him, but he ended up gone... that's when Visfreg went into hiding.


Tviel'k was the only Jedi that Yoda searched for during his exile. Yoda left Dagobah to find him, but found and read the Order 66 death files, and despite Tviel'k being in the death toll, Yoda continued his search until he found his body, but all he found was the clothes... Yoda had lost a brother in the Order... and a friend. Yoda made a mini statue of Tviel'k at his home on Dagobah. He placed it by his bed and kept it as a memoir. He buried the clothes soon after.

In 1 BBY, Tviel'k appeared to Yoda and assured him that he was fine, and the two talked for a while. Then, at rest, Tviel'k passed on. Yoda was also warned about Darth Zezik and his hiding place. Tviel'k Ajhoh was regarded as one of the best Jedi by many people throughout his life.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Tviel'k Ajhoh was created specially for the upcoming fanon comic, Star Wars: The Other.
  • This article was created by User: Vezz801.
  • In the original character plan for Tviel'k, he was going to be a mix of Munn/Gorn. (His mother, Hajukeij Ajhoh was going to be a Munn and his father, Bedsifek Ajhoh was going to be a Gorn.) But it was finally decided that he be human. His parent were in turn decided to be human also.