Treaty of Secessions
General information
Location signed


Year implemented

59 ABY

Date of  abolishment/refutation

61 ABY

Document type
  • Cease-fire
  • Succession treaty
Signed by
Chronological and political information
Participating powers

Legacy era


Sith Order of Decreto

Negotiations!?! More like surrender.
Cal Omas

The Treaty of Secessions was a two part agreement between the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances and the Sith Order of Decreto, drawn up and agreed in the year 59 ABY, in an attempt to prevent waar between the two powers. The first part of the agreement signalled an immediate cessation of hostilities between the two powers, who had been drawn into war against one another thanks to a series of treaties. The second part of the treaty dictated the terms of the cease-fire, indicating which planets would change hands and officially creating a de-militarized zone between the two powers.

The treaty was handled by Darth Micail on behalf of the Sith and Ema, who represented the Galactic Alliance. Despite possessing the knowledge that the success of treaty was all that prevented war, it took several months of negotiations before an agreement was reached. Terms of the treaty included the creation of the de-militarized zone, the secured passage of Chiss and Imperial citizens within Sith space to the Galactic Alliance for a time period of one standard year, economic agreements and an extensive list of planets which would change hands between the powers.

Following the treaty, Ema was documented as feeling the terms of the treaty basically exploited the weaknesses of the Galactic Alliance, and that he did not believe it would last long. Two years later Ema's fears where realized when the Sith renewed their invasion of the galaxy, killing the Supreme Commander of all Alliance Forces, and making Ema the de facto holder of said position.

Planets secured by the Treaty of SecessionsEdit

This is only a list of the main planets secured via the treaty.

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