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The Treaty of Novus Kamino Prime was the "surrender" of Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster Hooley Krekk's forces after the Battle of Novus Kamino Prime.

It stated that "The terms of your surrender are this: you will leave the system and all systems you have conquered to be repopulated by their native species. You will not have to disarm, but will agree to a cease-fire that will never end. All facilities and installations that you have set up on the conquered planets will be abandoned and if possible be retrieved on your way out. Finally, we will extend our hand in friendship and goodwill should you return, unless you come to annul our agreement."

It was signed by the Ottiumigon Gzeldff Hufhm, newly-elected Prime Minister Taun We, Warmaster Hooley Krekk, and Jedi Knight Nathaniel Kenobi. This effectively ended all hostilities between the three parties. After signing the treaty, the Yuuzhan Vong left, but did not recover their "items" that they had left behind on Ottiumigos Prime and as a result, the Ottiumigons elected to stay on Novus Kamino Prime.


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