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The Trade Spine campaign was the name given to a series of skirmishes along the Corellian Trade Spine trade route during the Sith Crusade.

Little more than a distraction designed the draw Alliance forces away from the frontlines, the campaign quickly became a war of attrition which cost the lives of millions on both sides.

By the battles end six months later half the 2nd and 5th Sith Fleets had been destroyed, along with two-thirds of the 4th Alliance Fleet. The vessels of the 4th Alliance Fleet would later travel to Mon Calmari for refits.

Battles of the first campaign of the Sith Crusade
Ssi-ruuk star clusterBakuraAnothTrade SpineBelderone
GalaBelderoneYavin IVCron DriftOssus (duel)Dac

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