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Tindómë Urúva (pronounced /tɪndəʊmeɪ urueɪ/) was a Chiropteran Sith. She was born on the Chiropteran homeworld, an Outer Rim planet mostly removed from the dealings and politics between the Sith and the Jedi and highly focused on trade and finances, but she considered herself different and meant for something greater. The Chiropteran species were most easily recognized by their black leathery wings which were often mistaken for bat wings.

Tindómë's potential was discovered early, and her path could have gone a very different way, but her independent spirit claimed her and she began her career as a rogue fighter for hire. She was later discovered by the solitary Sith'ari Dra'Kaz, who took her under his wing as his apprentice and trained her in the ways of the dark side. Willful, stubborn, and sometimes a bit too eager, she continued to learn the way of the Force, and could often be found either fighting at her Master's side or running missions for him.


Childhood (0-14)Edit


A young Tindómë experiments with the Force

Tindómë Urúva was born on a planet far from the central locations of the galaxy, one that was mostly urban and self-sufficient, and therefore remained fairly uninvolved in the struggles between the Dark and Light sides that were going on across the galaxy. Their position was not even that of neutrality; they simply were not interested, being more focused on local politics and economics. A few times a year trading ships or other types that needed supplies would land on their planet, and Tindómë's people were perfectly willing to help, so long as the outsiders kept their problems and politics to themselves.

Tindómë, however, was considered a bit unusual; she was a bit of a street kid (streets being a subjective word… her people, being a species with the ability of flight and therefore preferring the sky to the earth, lived on interconnecting platforms about half a mile above the ground, only really going to the ground floor if they were part of the merchant class, as that was where the trading posts were located), hanging out around the trading areas in order to hear all sorts of stories from the outsiders on the goings-on of the universe. This is how she first heard of the Force, the Jedi, the Sith, and the skills learned with the intriguing-sounding lightsabers.

Her Force-sensitivity had been noticed at a young age, but suppressed or ignored by her parents, and feared when signs of it would subconsciously show in public. None of her kind had ever exhibited any signs of Force powers, and as her people were somewhat removed, it was not something they really understood. Because of this, Tindómë became difficult and anti-social from a young age, ignoring the other children and learning to live without affection. Even she didn't understand why sometimes an object would move just because she wanted it to, or why sometimes when she wasn't paying attention, she would fly higher and use more lift than her wings should have been capable of.

Soon, she was using sticks she found in the parks to practice fighting, things she would make up herself or be taught by outsiders who found it amusing that one of her people would actually be interested in the rest of the galaxy. Though she was not exactly shunned by her people for having an interest in the outsiders and their battles, she was considered fairly weird for it; one was supposed to be interested in earthly things, so to speak, and not in the grand schemes of species they had nothing to do with. Having not only an adventure-seeking spirit but a passionate rebellious streak as well, Tindómë soon began to despise this "boring" way of living, and began to look for a way to leave and never come back.

Discovery by the Jedi (14)Edit

Was this the only way she would become a warrior, by living under the hands of the Jedi?
—Tindómë, considering her fate

Her day came when a ship landed on her planet looking to pick up some supplies, and by listening carefully she learned there were a few Jedi on board. She made a point of hanging around the ship until they were ready to leave, and then boldly walked up to the Jedi and asked them to take her somewhere, anywhere. They would have said "no", but one of them detected a presence of the Force in her… uncontrolled, unused, and not fantastically powerful, but intriguing nonetheless, and reluctantly they allowed her on board, saying they would drop her off at the Academy to be seen by the others for consideration. Tindómë was very interested in learning, but the idea of formal training under a dominating rule did not appeal to her. She learned the beginnings of training from the Jedi on the ship, but the next time they landed she snuck off the ship and disappeared. If asked, she would not even remember their names.

Life as a Rogue (15-16)Edit


Tindómë as a blade for hire

From then on, she sought out people in different planets, moving from place to place, picking up training here and there but never having a formal Master of any sort. She fought for fun and money rather than survival, which is why she sought out people who needed a fighter for something or other. She learned of the Jedi philosophies and the Sith philosophies, and found herself both agreeing and disagreeing with both at different times, and for this reason she was willing to work for either side, Dark or Light, if the price was right...the price being a little more training, as well as money, though if the fight was exciting enough and she was doing well enough for herself money was not important. While highly independent, she did accept the temporary company of others that she respected, but she was only willing to work alongside someone, never under them Her deep dislike of authority and mistrust of affection prevented her from doing so. She sought out respect, rather than power. She was good enough to get in a fight and did not fight with those she did not respect unless paid, but she knew she was far from perfect and wanted to increase her skills until she was the match of the legendary Jedi or Sith Masters.

While on an Outer Rim planet, Tindómë discovered the parts to build a lightsaber in the black market. The merchant did not know what he had, and she got it for very little, but she knew exactly what she had. After working at it for weeks, she put the saber together, and discovered that the blade was red. She named her Rúnya, which meant "red flame" in her native tongue. From this point onwards, her fighting ability increased exponentially, and though she preferred a good fight over a kill, she began taking assassination contracts.

The dark side (17-19)Edit

Meeting Dra'KazEdit

Do not believe that you can tame me. I belong to no one."
You will.

—Tindómë to Dra'Kaz

Tindómë lived mostly alone and under the radar, but eventually her path crossed with Udo Kier, the Jedi-turned-Sith-turned-outcast and sometime Jedi ally. He had been involved in a centuries-long feud and rivalry with a former classmate at both the Jedi and Sith academies, the Feraline Xamot Darkstar, who had renamed himself Dra'Kaz and claimed the title Sith'ari. Fed up with the never-ending battles, Udo decided to call Dra'Kaz out once and for all, and hired Tindómë to bring his message, with a little style and violence. However, by doing so, she accomplished more than just grabbing Dra'Kaz' attention, and caused him to become interested in her as a fighter. Beating her in the fight, but impressed by her natural abilities and passion, he allowed her to live and offered her apprenticeship, but she turned him down, citing her desire never to serve under a Master. She would learn from him, but she would never belong to him.

I couldn’t help but notice the fire in your eyes, and it occurred to me that with the training you have earned that I will give to you, you might be able to put that fire to good use.

When Tindómë returned to Udo to confirm the message, Dra'Kaz followed her and immediately offered to engage Udo in another fight for their lives. However, when Tindómë taunted Udo with Dra'Kaz' remarks to her about her abilities, and how he was a much better fighter than Udo, Udo turned on the Chiropteran and would have killed her, had not Dra'Kaz intervened. In the ensuing battle between the two old enemies, Tindómë could have escaped unnoticed, but she felt pulled to the fight, and when it became clear that Dra'Kaz was about to die, she chose almost unconsciously to save him, ending the fight with Udo out cold. Once more, Dra'Kaz offered apprenticeship, and once more she turned him down, but as he left, something clicked, and she followed him into the unknown anyway.

Capture by Jinduri and Accepting Dra'Kaz as Her MasterEdit


Tindómë fights a disguised Jinduri

Now you are ready to be my apprentice."
Yes Master.

—Dra'Kaz to Tindómë

Tindómë continued to be willful and stubborn with Dra'Kaz, and he quickly grew frustrated with her; something was drawing him to her, but he couldn't train her like this. Unbeknown to him, his old teacher from the Sith academy, Darth Jinduri, had arisen from his second death ever, this one from the blade of Dra'Kaz, in the form of a wraith, and was seeking vengeance. Looking completely different from his previous life, he was able to trick Dra'Kaz in thinking he was merely an interested party who would provide him with the time to take of his own matters, and perhaps begin his apprentice's training so she would be prepared when he returned. He left, leaving behind a very nervous Tindómë.

For the next few weeks, Tindómë lived in Jinduri's enormous ship parked in empty space, learning something of the art of the lightsaber both mostly living in fear. Something about him terrified her down to her very soul, though she couldn't say what exactly it was. One day, she discovered an old holocron in storage, one of which contained the image of a hooded wraith speaking the name Dra'Kaz, and she knew what she had found. Her Master had told her stories of his history, and Jinduri had featured in many of them. She sent out a message to call him, which he heard even across an expanse of space that should have been impossible, but not before Jinduri discovered what she had done. Dra'Kaz attacked and boarded the ship just in time, but was forced to make a choice: kill Jinduri or save his apprentice. He chose the latter, and rescued her.

Tindómë knew he did not have to do this, and from that moment on, she accepted him as her Master.

Learning the dark sideEdit


Dra'Kaz and Tindómë


After accepting her place as a Sith apprentice, Tindómë threw herself into studying anything and everything her Master could teach her. She was naturally pulled away from the teaching of the Light Side, but at the same time, her mind and spirit were not fully ready to embrace to dark side. Dra'Kaz, however, was determined not to give up on her, and trained her intensively, sometimes violently, in order to force her to reach inside herself and find her true potential. It was during one of these sessions that Tindómë began to realize that she had a connection with her Master, something beyond a mere apprentice-Master relationship. Dra'Kaz correctly came to the conclusion that they had subconsciously begun forming the basis of a Force chain, also known as a Force bond, and he knew then that together they could be more powerful than he ever was alone.

I am my Master’s student, and I cannot forget his teachings. There are no innocents.

Now infinitely loyal, Tindómë felt the dark side inside of her, changing her, making her more powerful. Still, she felt like she existed on the edge of a precipice, at any moment ready to take the plunge but needing something to send her over the edge. She found what she needed on a fairly routine mission, stealing a holocron stored on a ship for her Master's use. While completing her task, she encountered a weak, untrained sailor, who pretended to be brave but really could have accomplished nothing to hurt her. She almost let him escape with his life, but at the last moment something clicked and she killed him in cold blood. Looking inside herself, she realized that she now felt ready to be a true Sith apprentice, embracing the dark side, and returned to her Master to present herself.

The Witchgate (19)Edit

My Master Dra’Kaz states that the darkness coming to the temple is not his doing and to keep Oghma alive. My Master wants the pleasure of that kill for himself.
—Tindómë to the members of the Jedi Temple

Sometime between learning of their Force bond and giving herself over fully to the dark side, a new threat going by the name of Darth Nocturne began to rise in the galaxy, and all felt his presence, Sith and Jedi alike. Nocturne was a threat to all that they had ever known, seeking power for his own ends and sadistically destroying everything in the way. Despite his pride in the dark side, Dra'Kaz held himself to his own code of honor, and Nocturne's cloning experiments and selfish destruction sat poorly with him, not to mention that Nocturne's ultimate goal seemed to be the death of Jedi Master Cyran Oghma, someone Dra'Kaz had claimed for himself years ago. He sat in wait, watching quietly what would become of this.

At the same time, Oghma began getting hints from all directions that his long-lost love Mirana was near, trying to find her way back to him through the Witchgate to the other realm. Tindómë was one of the Force-sensitives who received a vision of her, and whether by chance or fate had a run-in with Oghma one night, telling him of what she had seen and heard. Though Oghma knew she was Sith and sensed her alignment with his enemy, he found himself with an affection for the young Chiropteran warrior, both for her fighting ability (she took out a group of muggers before he could intervene, having thought she was just another helpless citizen) and the passion for life he could feel in her, and so he wrote her a poem:


Dra'Kaz and Tindómë outside the Witchgate at night

She of darkness born
This petite nocturne flies
Knowing she is Sunlight's scorn
And the challengers Victories denies
She lingers like a haunting
A rapturous shadowy ephemeral tune
But the task before me is daunting
To capture the roving daughter of the moon
Ears that hear distant footfalls
Stars she wears like a crown
Singing like angel calls
Even when hanging upside down
So be aware my younglings
There is cause to fear and love the night
With a silent flutter of bat wings
This bat-winged angel takes flight

Cyran Oghma, "In Praise of Bats"

Tindómë and Dra'Kaz spent most of the events of the Witchgate on the fringes, but unknown to many, they too were at the major battle, Dra'Kaz leaping and Tindómë flying over the gate and enter the fray in order to protect the comatose body of Oghma, saving him to live another day in order to become Dra'Kaz' kill. When it became clear that Oghma was safe enough from Nocturne and Nocturne had been defeated, at least for this battle, they faded once more into the shadows to watch and wait for what would come.

This being her first major battle, Tindómë was now inspired to devote herself even more to learning the power of the dark side, and she began taking missions like the one that would lead to her first "innocent" kill.

Thrace (21)Edit

Discovering ThraceEdit

Allow yourself to feel your fear, my apprentice. We are Sith, we use our emotions. Our fears warn us. But you are unharmed, which I am glad to hear, so now master your fear, and use it. I have shown you how.

Some time after the events of the Witchgate, Dra'Kaz received word that Nocturne had set up another base in the planetary system Thrace, and was curious what the sadistic Sith was up to and whether or not he was threatening the kill that was rightfully his once more. He sent Tindómë to do some reconnaissance for him on the urban moon Zenocrate, where she quickly encountered what she believed to be Cyran Oghma. He asked to speak to her, and since both man and Chiropteran were aware that each was safe from the other at this time, she agreed to walk with him. However, Nocturne quickly revealed himself in this guise of his nemesis, and using his dream manipulation techniques, convinced Tindómë she was being crucified and sent her into a three-day coma. Upon awakening, she relayed these events to Dra'Kaz, who urged her to be cautious and to seek out possible allies, if there were any to be found.

Strange kid. I like her.
—Saydren Koth

Battle lines needed to be drawn, and despite their natural stance against Nocturne, the Jedi couldn't be trusted. They saw things too much in black and white, and would immediately turn on (or try to turn!) Dra'Kaz and Tindómë if they sought their assistance. Instead, Tindómë looked for members of the Black Rain, the bounty hunter group that, while often Jedi-aligned, were almost entirely unattached. She found Saydren Koth in a bar on Orcanes, and after a verbal battle of wits, it was agreed that if it was mutually beneficially their groups would give each other aid, and in the meantime no harm would come to either side.

Jinduri is not far, and the threat of Nocturne is very real, and though neither are our friends, it may be time for us to revisit our old friend the wraith. We have work to do. Are you with me?"
"Always, my Master.

—Dra'Kaz to Tindómë

Left on her own to investigate Orcanes, Tindómë one night found herself in the middle of a battle between Jedi, the insane (thanks to Nocturne), and the undead (the minions of Jinduri). Despite having been told not to get involved in a fight, Tindómë began destroying insane and undead alike, piling up the bodies around her until she found herself cornered. At the last minute, Dra'Kaz arrived from orbit, and took out the last few of their attackers. Tindómë and Dra'Kaz both sensed the presence of their old foe Jinduri in the undead, and Dra'Kaz realized that as they couldn't fight Nocturne alone, they would rather side with the evil they knew than the evil they didn't, and they headed off to seek out the wraith.


I know the secret of the thought bomb.

Tindómë and Dra'Kaz sought out Jinduri, and when they found his ship, the Emna, Tindómë was granted access to the ship in the position of Dra'Kaz' herald. She told Jinduri that Dra'Kaz and herself had realized that they alone couldn't destroy Nocturne, and needed his assistance. They had something to offer him. Jinduri had sensed Dra'Kaz sneaking aboard the ship with Tindómë, and materialized him in front of him so the balance of power would be even. Dra'Kaz then revealed his secret: if they aligned together, Dra'Kaz and Tindómë would provide their fighting skills at his service for the duration, and Dra'Kaz would help destroy the abomination Darth Vicious clones using a rare and dangerous technique: the thought bomb. Jinduri agreed, and Tindómë gave them a name: Jen'Mas, meaning "dark warriors" in the Sith language.

I doubt any of you have met the real Darth Vicious. See, the original Vicious has that funny thing called 'free will', and right now, that free will is all aimed at you. And he doesn’t like you very much.

The newly-formed Jen'Mas alliance wanted to put Nocturne's soldiers on their toes, and they needed a small ship as part of their plan to destroy the Vicious clones, so they decided to take care of both things at once by making a scene on Agydas, where there was an air base. Dra'Kaz killed all of the pilots currently stationed there and then drew the last ship into a chase through the treetops. Just as the pilot and his men thought they had caught him, Tindómë dropped on top of the fighter and thrust her lightsaber straight through the window, killing the pilot and causing the ship to crash. The survivors were left at the mercy of Tindómë and Dra'Kaz, but instead of killing them themselves, they decided to leave them to Jinduri's apprentice, the real Darth Vicious, who was not a fan of clones and wanted revenge in his own way. As they left, they took the ship with them, towing it behind Dra'Kaz' fighter up to the Emna.

There will be nothing left, and I will be free.

The stolen ship was then used by Tindómë and Vicious to infiltrate the cloning facility on Thrace, where the unawakened clones slept in tanks, waiting to be called to war. Vicious wanted to destroy the clones that bore his face so that he could feel like an individual again, and not the source of an abomination. For Tindómë, destroying the unused clones would be a major blow at the one who had caused her crucifixion hallucination that had haunted her. The two of them destroyed all the records Nocturne's scientists had kept, and for good measure decide it was best to blow up the entire station. Having done so, they flew back to the Emna to await the completion of the plan, which Dra'Kaz had been working on at the same time.

And why do you want him so badly? You’re a perfectly capable warrior on your own now; you don’t need a Master any longer. What good are you to each other? Do you love him, then?

The final part of the strike against Nocturne was for Dra'Kaz to gather as many of the living clones as he could and use the thought bomb to destroy them. The risk was very high, and it was extremely likely that he would not survive it. He had not told his apprentice this for fear she would try to stop him, and when Jinduri revealed this to her, Tindómë panicked and begged Jinduri to save him. Jinduri forced her to question their relationship as master and apprentice, and what it really meant. Meanwhile, Dra'Kaz had been able to gather half of the existing clones to an amphitheater on a deserted planet, a great blow against Nocturne, and performed the thought bomb successfully. He knew as soon as he had done it that his survival was hopeless, and after saying his goodbyes silently, he let go.

Together, we are a perfect balance, for combat, for survival, and for each other. Each one of us is weaker without the strength of the other. A Force chain runs deep; my Master taught me that.

Dra'Kaz awoke back on the Emna, weak but alive. Tindómë explained to him how Jinduri had teleported him back when Dra'Kaz couldn't do it himself, and how he had healed him over a number of days. Tindómë herself had been knocked out for a short period after her Master expelled all that energy. In a moment of dropped formality, she expressed how she had been scared when she couldn't feel Dra'Kaz in the Force, and while Dra'Kaz would not acknowledge directly his own need for his apprentice, he let her know in his own way how important she was. On the bridge, Jinduri and Dra'Kaz resealed their alliance, and Dra'Kaz heard a message from Savet, the creature that looked like Tarynn Fireside but was not. She expressed her annoyance at the destruction of her "toys", but let it go because she had bigger plans in mind, and left them with a warning not to cross her again. Jinduri also played Dra'Kaz Tindómë's answer on whether she loved her. She explained that she didn't have romantic love for her Master, but their partnership made them stronger, that each completed the other, and that their Force chain was inseparable. Because of her intense understanding of what it meant to be a Sith student, and because of Dra'Kaz' value to him, Jinduri accepted this answer, and this is why Dra'Kaz had been pulled back through. Master and apprentice acknowledged silently what each had done for and meant to the other, and the group decided to continue on fighting Nocturne and raising the power of Jen'Mas.

Personality and traitsEdit

Tindómë was a willful and emotional creature who from an early age showed a strong independent streak. She shirked the few positive bits of attention she received as a child, and since leaving her home planet has never looked back. During her early years she preferred to be a loner, fighting for fun, profit, or training but never joining someone for more than a few days at a time. Because of her stubborn streak, she had trouble accepting Dra'Kaz as her Master, but when he showed her a belief in her abilities for the first time in her life and saved her life, Tindómë learned the meaning of gratitude and finding one's place in the world, and devoted herself to learning under him.

Since giving her loyalty to her Master, she became intensely devoted to him and no other. She would go where he would send her and perform whatever task he demanded, and would strike down any that stood in either of their way. Every choice she made was considered for their mutual benefit. However, she didn't lose her attitude towards the world in general, and those who crossed her path quickly learned that despite her seemingly helpless physicality at first glance, she was not someone to mess with. She was intensely proud of the fact that her Master was Sith'ari Dra'Kaz, and took pleasure in imparting that knowledge to others.

Often found with a wicked smile on her face during a battle, she attacked with her full body and mind, and gave the same passion to any moment where she could fly. As long as she had easy access to open space she didn't mind being confined inside or in a ship, but if freedom of movement was completely restricted she would feel panicked. She was extremely eager to learn and would jump at any opportunity her Master would present to her.

Often perceived as naive and innocent by others, Tindómë became much more settled in her own skin over the years since beginning her training, and less rash. She still had the same or more passion that she always had, but now she knew how to use that passion in her fighting, and was considered an excellent student and worthy of her Master's legacy because of it. She considers them a pair, and knows that they each compliment the other's abilities: Dra'Kaz is the better fighter, and can teach her how to be a warrior, while Tindómë can go where Dra'Kaz cannot, and therefore is an excellent secret weapon.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Being a Chiropteran, Tindómë had a number of natural abilities which were later amplified by manipulation of the Force, including:

  • Flight: Chiropterans have wings often mistaken for bat wings that allow them to fly and glide through the air. They can reach great heights, so long as the air does not get thin too much to breathe, and are very graceful in their natural element. However, they are not distance fliers, built to travel from one platform to another on their home planet, and so Tindómë cannot fly for more than an hour or so at a time, although her stamina is somewhat greater than the rest of her species, having been aided by the Force.
  • Echolocation: the ability to send bursts of ultrasonic sound into the air, which then bounce off the objects they hit and return to the sender, where the brain then translates the echo into an image. This is especially good for seeing in total darkness. Tindómë sent echolocation bursts from her mouth, and received the return message through a natural receiver shaped like a diamond in the center of her forehead.
  • Night vision: the ability to see clearly in extremely low light. Tindómë's enlarged pupils allowed her to take in more light than human eyes, and therefore she could see normally in deep shadows where other species could not.
  • Excellent hearing: the ability to hear more clearly than the average species. Tindómë's ears were able to hear at softer levels and over a wider range of sound than human ears.

Tindómë was well-versed in a number of different training styles, including:

  • Makashi: Makashi was the second form of lightsaber combat, taught to her by the Jedi who found her initially. Though most learners starting out learn Shii-Cho first, the Jedi started with Makashi since its emphasis on precise and fluid qualities over power seemed more attuned to Tindómë's natural physicality, and it was obvious that she couldn't be taught in any traditional way. Even after abandoning her first teachers, she retained her experience, and would employ some of the more subtle moves of the form when fighting entirely on the ground. However, she limited her use of this form to when fighting with her single blade.
  • Juyo: Juyo was the seventh form of lightsaber combat, taught to her by Dra'Kaz, as this was his primary form. Considered extremely dangerous by Light Side Force users, it involved intense focus, passion, and absolute commitment to the strike of the blade. Tindómë's passion for the fight was exactly what first drew Dra'Kaz' interest, and for this reason he trained her to use her untamed emotions as a deadly form of combat. She used this form when fighting with all of her main weapons: single blade, two blades, and staff.
  • Jar'Kai: Jar'Kai was a form of lightsaber combat that involved the use of two weapons, either both offensively or with one to attack and one to defend. Upon receiving her dual short sabers (which could also be converted into a staff), she began learning this form, and it soon become her favorite style to turn to. When used both in offensive and defensive, her defensive saber was held in her left hand and carried in reverse grip.
  • Trispzest: Trispzest was a form of aerial lightsaber combat, combining Juyo and the traditional combat of the winged S'kytri species. It used flight-based acrobatics to defeat ground opponents, with the favored moves being whirlwind-speed spins and decapitation. Tindómë discovered this mostly lost form of combat sometime after receiving her dual short sabers, and as the form was not codified, she took the task upon herself, feeling truly in her element while fighting in the air. Utilizing Trispzest was an excellent distraction when a battle would begin on the ground, as Tindómë would suddenly launch in the air and begin her series of deadly attacks, throwing her opponent off-balance.

Her regular use of rolls and cartwheels during ground fighting could also have been said to be influenced by elements of Ataru, but as Tindómë never attended a Sith or Jedi academy and Dra'Kaz was not an Ataru practitioner, she never actually studied this form and its use was better attributed to the natural instinct of a creature not limited to ground fighting

Being a Force user, Tindómë had a number of different powers, some of which were instinctual and some of which came from her training with Dra'Kaz, including:

  • Force Speed: Force speed was the ability to increase one's speed and stamina in order to cover more distance faster. This was a basic Force power, one Tindómë usually only employed while diving from the sky, or in battle.
  • Force Cloak: Force cloak was the ability to hide, using the Force to manipulate light and shadow. Combining her natural ability to perch quietly and instruction by Dra'Kaz on stealth, Tindómë used this tactic for observation and sneak attacks.
  • Force Sense: Force sense was the ability to sense other users of the Force and any changes surrounding them. Tindómë used this for battle and to sense when her Master needed her.
    • Force Empathy: Force empathy was the ability to sense feelings and emotions through the Force. Rarely used against an opponent, Tindómë often employed this technique in combination with her and Dra'Kaz' Force bond to be able to communicate with him.
  • Force Seeing: Force seeing was the ability to use the Force to increase one's ability to see. Already gifted with excellent sight as well as night vision, Tindómë used this ability to see beyond even what would be considered normal for a Chiropteran.
  • Telekinesis: Telekinesis was the ability to use the Force to manipulate and move objects, including the Force user him or her self. This was a basic Force power, mostly used by Tindómë in battle, but also used to help her get around with greater ability.
    • Force Jump/Leap: Force jump/leap was a subtlety of telekinesis, this technique was used by Tindómë to give her extra lift when launching into the air, whether to fly or perch high up starting from the ground.
    • Force Pull/Push: Force pull/push was another subtlety of telekinesis, this technique allowed Tindómë to push away an opponent or weapon, as well as calling her weapons to her and anything else she needed.
    • Force Flight: Force flight was the ability to levitate one's body to a great extent and to carry one over a much larger distance than a Force jump/leap. Already able to fly naturally, Tindómë used this ability to increase the height she could reach and her stamina for long-distance flying, as well as the strength of her wings to carry a heavier burden (such as Dra'Kaz himself).
  • Telepathy: Telepathy was the ability to use the Force to communicate through the mind. Tindómë and Dra'Kaz don't often use this on purpose, but it did happen by instinct. Tindómë used this for the first time by accident, needing to contact Dra'Kaz while trapped on Jinduri's ship and calling him across distances of space when he should have been too far away to hear a transmission.
  • Force Listening: Force listening was the ability to use the Force to increase one's ability to hear. Already gifted with excellent hearing, Tindómë used this ability to hear beyond even what would be considered normal for a Chiropteran.
  • Force Meld: Force meld was the ability to join minds using the Force for the benefit of all parties. Tindómë and Dra'Kaz used this to aid one another while fighting together.
    • Force Chain: Force chain was the bond formed between a Master and apprentice through intense training and understanding of one another's psyche. Tindómë and Dra'Kaz developed this ability very quickly without intending to, and once it was discovered they worked together to increase its strength, seeing it as a powerful weapon.
  • Force Bellow: Force bellow was the ability to project one's voice through the Force. Tindómë used this ability to increase the strength of her echolocation.

Tindómë spoke both Basic and Chiropteran fluently, and she also was able to teach Dra'Kaz a little Chiropteran. In return, he taught her a little of his limited knowledge of the Sith language.



Tindómë holding Leatherwing

New saber

Tindómë's first lightsaber, Rúnya

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Tindómë perched, holding Blood and Bone


  • Rúnya: Tindómë's first lightsaber, built from pieces bought on the black market on an Outer Rim planet while she was still a rogue. The name means "red flame" in Chiropteran. It was a classically styled saber, with a standard length hilt and a 36-inch red blade. It was pure coincidence that the blade was the traditional Sith color, as at the time the allegiances of Sith and Jedi and the like meant very little to her. She usually wielded it two-handed.
  • Blood and Bone: Tindómë's dual short lightsabers, a gift from her Master Dra'Kaz given to her after the battle in the Thrace system as a reward for proving herself as a true Sith and warrior. The hilts were uniform metal with claws at the end, with 24-inch violet blades. When on the aggressive offense they were wielded both in forward grip, and when combining offense and defense Bone would be held in the left hand in reverse grip for defense.
  • Leatherwing: Blood and Bone could also be combined into a double-bladed saber staff, with shorter-than-average blades to match Tindómë's height, and when they were combined like this the staff was called Leatherwing.

Other WeaponsEdit

  • Dra'Kaz also taught Tindómë the art of knives, whether thrown or used in close combat. She usually used them in reverse grip.
  • She kept a blowgun with stun darts, with which she could knock out an opponent on the ground while flying or hidden on some kind of perch.
  • Occasionally she would carry a small arm-mounted crossbow to take out opponents from a distance.
  • Although she preferred combat at sword's length, if forced into close combat she had fangs to bite, and had also been trained by Dra'Kaz in hand-to-hand fighting.

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Tindómë Urúva's fiction, in chronological order:

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