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Timberus Canistia
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101 ABY

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2.12 meters

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Milky Brown

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New Sith Order

You killed everyone! May you burn in hell!"
"I'm already there.

—Unknown Victim and Timberus

Timberus Canistia was a powerful Dark Jedi in the year 128 ABY. He was a giant-sized Cathar with multiple kills as a mercenary.

Timberus was a massive specimen. Despite his size however, he was skilled in lightsaber combat and is deceptively fast. He was trained by a Twi'lek female only known as Shou when his father gave him away to her. She referred to herself as a Sith Warrior, but her teachings were of someone who was a master in the dark side. After years of teachings from her, Timberus, under false pretenses, killed her for thinking she was holding back dark side insight that he thought could make him more powerful and he was led to believe she was planning to kill him.

Darth Krayt's New Sith Order, which he looked down on, was the organization that he joined in hopes of becoming a Dark Lord. He had yet to pledge his allegiance to it. Together with Darth Bison and Darth Maleval, the three brought down the Givin Spacestation and were at the frontlines of the Battle of Yag'Dhul.


Early lifeEdit

Born on Cathar, Timberus was very powerful in the Force and it was noticed in him at a young age. The Force-sensitive elders of his village wished to send him to the Jedi for him to be trained in the ways of the Force, but his parents objected. They had already lost their first son, Leo, to the Jedi and they weren't willing to send another one off. As a child, Timberus read many books on the Jedi and secretly, behind his mother and father's backs, he dressed up as one and ran around using his gift to help other children of the village. He enjoyed his childhood and read many books, increasing his knowledge on many things.

Slave traders had always inhabited Cathar, for Cathar females sold very high in the Black Market, but they had never come to his village before. The village saw them as no threat, but still stayed on defense to protect their females and children. One day, the slave traders attacked the village after hearing of how much money they could make from the bounty of females the village had from the local Hutt, Halos. In this raid, Timberus' mother was captured and taken from him and his father. Timberus was too young to fight back and his father decided that the risk of Timberus getting killed were too great, so they escaped into the wilderness of the planet. Knowing that the invaders were probably going to return and that they might not be so lucky the next time, his father arranged to get them off planet before the invaders could take Timberus and discover his Force-sensitivity. He picked Coruscant as the planet they would escape to because of the opportunities for jobs he would have there.

Entrance into the Dark SideEdit

Strong in the Force and untainted by the Jedi. He will do.

His life on Coruscant was a very hard one. Being such a species as Cathar, which was rarely seen on Coruscant, he was constantly picked on and harassed by the natives, but never fought back. His father was saddened by this as Cathars were supposed to be strong and fierce, not beaten up. He often talked to Timberus about defending himself against his attackers, but Timberus only responded by telling his father that they would only keep at it and even if they did stop, they would just find other ways to torment him. Unbeknown to them, Timberus was being watched by a warrior of darkness only known as Shou.

Trained thoroughly in the dark side, Shou approached Timberus' father with the idea of taking his son and making him stronger in the Force. Promising that he would be much more of a Cathar than he was now and that she would pay him half a million credits. Though the money would help him, his father was more concerned for Timberus' Catharhood and he wanted his son to be strong and living on Coruscant wasn't going to influence and teach him. He agreed and sent the reluctant Timberus with the stranger, knowing he was doing good.

Timberus went along with the stranger off of Coruscant without being too much of a problem. He thought that learning the ways of the Force meant that he was going to be a Jedi, but the demeanor around Shou told him, in ways he didn't understand, that she was different.


I am your guardian, Lady Shou. Feel my chest. Feel the heart beat. That beat exist only because you exist. You are my heart.
—Timberus to Shou on Tattooine

Timberus' training was much different from normal training, evil for a dark apprentice, as Shou referred to him as. They traveled throughout the galaxy, often traveling as refugees. Shou often gave him tasks to complete without preparing him for any of the dangers he might encounter. When he failed, she would beat him ferociously, and leave him to heal.

To her surprise, within five years, his strength had grown to rival hers. The mild-mannered child she had picked out on Coruscant, was almost a long ago memory. While on a trip to Tatooine , Shou asked him what he wanted in life, what did he thought he would do when she was gone. He replied, without even taking a second to think about it, that she wasn't going to die. He would not let her.

After this, Shou began to teach him as if he was an equal, as if they had been friends for eternity. She found herself depending on him, trusting her life in his hands. He had gone from considering her as a master, to considering her as his heart. He often put his life on the line to save her, without even having to think about it.

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