• Welcome to SWF! There is a new feature coming to Wikia and it's for those of us who are constantly on the go! In our busy lives, it's often hard to take the time to actually read and enjoy an article. However, since our phones and headphones are ubiquitous accessories, Wikia is providing a new way to enjoy your favorite fandoms without having to actually read anything!

    Coming soontm—new Wikia Audio! By partnering with premiere text-to-speech website, you can experience Wikia the Audio way! Simply press the "Listen" button on each article or fandom page, and then enjoy the soothing sounds of your favorite article now translated into the dulcet tones of your favorite text reader.

    Wikia Audio, because who has time to actually read things these days?

    Try our new Listen button at the preview wiki!

    SWF Audio

    Caveat: Does not work on articles longer than 1500 words. Wikia Audio and Wikia is not responsible for headaches, auditory loss, crushed headphones, or nerdrage resulting from use of this feature.

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