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The districts and major thoroughfares of Eriadu City

The Sevens was a primarily middle–middle-lower class residental district on the south side of Eriadu City. It was the home district of Casei Solus, who served as district mayor for a short time before becoming the leader of the Arrain Makila. The district was originally designated to be Residential District 7 before the area had developed. As the land was gradually built up, the buildings were in small collected pockets across the district. As a result, each area became known as a "Seven." When Eriadu City annexed all the land originally designated for the district and developed it, the community organized a petition to change its name formally to "The Sevens," a proposition that won overwhelmingly. The Sevens was known for both its safety, numerous treetopped buildings, and traffic congestion. It bordered the Bol Square commercial district and the South Bypass Industrial District.


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