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The New Empire was created in 18 ABY, its first leader, Leslie Dooku, the secret offspring of Count Dooku, followed in the steps of the Sith to create a New Empire. Strangely enough, The New Empire wasn't allies with the First Order. The New Empire had T.I.E Fighters with hyperdrives, they had Star Destroyers, they even had a super weapon called "The Ultimate Star Destroyer". It had a laser on the front of it similar to the Conqueror, it was bigger than 2 Super Star Destroyers, and it can pull ships out of hyperspace. Braedon Korban was the designer of this, until of course he met Ashton. The New Empire also had 999,000 stormtroopers, 10,000 captains and admirals, 9,000 officers, and 1,000,000 blasters and blast amo.

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