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The Nomirand Downfall or the Rain was a name given to the battle in the space upon Nomirand and the following bombing of the planet in 22 BBY.


At the beginning of Clone Wars the Galactic Republic was in need of resources, exchequer and confederates. The Chacinso enclave leader, Cassio, offered military supplies for the Galactic Republic in exchange for help in conquest of several systems, including Nomirand. The Chancellor agreed and presented a plan of covering HoloNet with fake information about an alliance between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and Nomirand Orbital Guards.

The battleEdit

Attack of the Orbital StationEdit

We can't resist such power, does not matter what we do
General Arros

The battle began when the Republic fleet entered the system and started the attack of the Nomirand Orbital Station. Quickly mobilizated and coordinated Nomirand defense forces started acting according to the Defense Protocol and succeeded in protecting the Station and the planet from the first wave of the Republic starships with sending several squadrons of starfighters into a space battle. However, the second Republic wave was too strong for the Orbital Guards and the Station was badly damaged during the following tries of the Republic fleet to destroy it and begin attacking the planet itself. When the Star Destroyers joined the battle the Orbital Station had no more chances to be prevented from destruction.

The RainEdit

After a two-hour-long battle in space that finished after the Republic forces had destroyed the Orbital Station all the sixteen Star Destroyers began bombing the planet. Nothing could prevent the destruction of the world's surface and Cities.

The orbital bombardment lasted for seven hours and covered the whole surface of the planet, most of the Cities were destroyed completely.

After the bombardment Nomirand was occupied by the Chacinso enclave forces.


After the bombing Nomirand was in a terrible situation: the Square-system could not be restored, so the world could not produce any facility or food and had no more livelihood. The Hungry Blockade started and amount of survivors died in the following several months. The Nomirand Orbital Station was completely destroyed, as well as all it's defenders and starships, so the survivors had no transport or ways to defend. The Chacinso enclave became the government of the planet and many people from that world were slaved after the Downfall.

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